The Biggest Loser Contestants: On Strike!

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Contestants on this season of The Biggest Loser have a weighty issue with NBC.

Those remaining on the reality competition have actually walked off the set and are threatening to collectively quit because they learned producers were planning to bring back former contestants to compete for this season's $250,000 grand prize.

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This is not an atypical move in the world of reality TV, of course, but this season's hopefuls all find it unfair that past losers are now being given a chance to become winners again.

NBC has not commented on the situation, and production has been suspended for a few days, but season 12 contestant John Forger tells TMZ this season's competitors are missing the point of their participation.

"It's not about [money]. What it's really about, for most of us, is the change in our lifestyle, and being able to get rid of obesity," he says. "For most of us, it's about health. Would I walk off the show for the money? ABSOLUTELY NOT."

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Let them walk! Dont like them especially the mean and hateful Conda. I thought it was so hateful how they treated Adrienne and Daphne. I hate to think that Conda is a mother. Feel sorry for her child and other family members. I see why she is a single parent. Who could stand to be around her!


I definitely agree with ms damaris santiago, this is the far worst season they shoulnt worry so much about money losing weight should be the most important they acting too childish and need to go home, specially konda or what ever her name is, I'm not watching anymore until next season I hate all the backstabbers and drama going on in this season I would hated but it is what it is. love you dovett


These are some of the worse set of contestants I've seen. They've ruined the whole season with their disgusting self-entitled attitudes. It's a weight loss show but it's also a game. What's so ironic about this group is that they don't mind isolating or mistreating other people yet they want to be treated fairly. They have gone on attack smear campaigns. But can't stand anything that doesn't' go their way. They act like they are at a weight loss spa and as if someone doesn't get voted off every week anyway. It's a reality show and they should have signed up for it if they didn't want the producers testing them. I hope whoever walked off stays home.


I am disappointed in this season because on Condra and the young people playing games. worst group ever. If I was Bob and the other trainers I would have tried to get rid of them. They need to grow up or get off and quit playing games.They are acting like school kids and they need to get rid of them. I do not like what they did to the brother and sister that came in after 4 weeks. It was not fair and I think they should be allowed to come back, but do not blame them because of how they were treated. If I were on the show I would have slapped Condra and the other children you have on your show, and then walked. Your ratings are going to go down because of all the BS that has been going on this season. I am a loyal watcher and if this keeps up I will not watch it anymore. Tell those people to grow up or go home.....


I have liked the biggest loser since day one. Have always connected to someone on the show and cheering for them. Unfortunately I have quit watching this season because there is too much backstabbing and unfairness. It is not an inspiring show any more. I blame the producers! What are the thinking!!!


Please let them walk..... I can't stand them!!!! The negativity & bullying have ruined this whole season. Bob looks sooo frustrated & Dulvett has bought in to all the bullying...when he yelled at Daphne this past episode it made my stomach hurt. She never got to express her hurts or frustrations without being interrupted & ridiculed!!! Hate hate hate this season!!!!!


My co-workers and I have had enough of Conda and that other childish lady in the red shirt. Her name should be Anaconda. And producers; you act like it's alright. Decent people are getting mistreated while they keep slithering around. Do something! We would all love it if they all went on strike and never came back. Not watching the drama any more. The peanut galley says "Sick of this group".


Ali Vincent was an eliminated player who earned the chance to come back and she was the first woman to win BL. Really, these idiots should all be alllowed to just keep walking. I am sure the players they eliminated would be happy to come back on the show and complete their journey without the bullies and craybabies.


I believe this is the far worst season I ever watched, and to be quite honest I believe that instead of worrying so much about the "money", they should be greatly appreciated to have the blessing of having the oportunity to be at the biggest loser ranch. I believe having your health back and feeling good about yourself is worth more than anything in this world.


Yes let them quit. What a bunch of kids. They don't get the point.
And I so wish that they have Konda - or whatever her name is to be
taken off. She has a lot of negative issues, is a backstabber and
a lier.