The Biggest Loser Contestants: On Strike!

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Contestants on this season of The Biggest Loser have a weighty issue with NBC.

Those remaining on the reality competition have actually walked off the set and are threatening to collectively quit because they learned producers were planning to bring back former contestants to compete for this season's $250,000 grand prize.

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This is not an atypical move in the world of reality TV, of course, but this season's hopefuls all find it unfair that past losers are now being given a chance to become winners again.

NBC has not commented on the situation, and production has been suspended for a few days, but season 12 contestant John Forger tells TMZ this season's competitors are missing the point of their participation.

"It's not about [money]. What it's really about, for most of us, is the change in our lifestyle, and being able to get rid of obesity," he says. "For most of us, it's about health. Would I walk off the show for the money? ABSOLUTELY NOT."

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I love the biggest loser..Until this season, Conda is the absolute worst!!! she is mean and has only made it because of her brother..Kim is an awful person sooo fake and neither deserve to win If I had to pick I would hope Jermey wins.


boffo show tonight. i picked mark as a loser from the first show. he realized he had no chance of winning and quit.buddy is simply a sheep. i'd sue them for breach of contract. how disgusting.mark and buddy have neither spines nor character.


I was disgusted by the continuing poor behavior of these contestants. Like many of you, I also would ask all of them to leave and strike them from any future involvement in the program. Too bad the show can't force them to give back all the rewards they have received to date. What egos! I bet the whole issue was once again started by Conda. She has no integrity.
This is truly the worst collection of finalists this show has ever seen and I don't want any of them to win. Is Kim going to give back the SUV?
I am furious at these people and how they have belittled and undermined all of the hard work of the show staff and trainers.
Jillian would have ripped them a new one and sorted them out pdq!


I have watched the show for years like alot of us. I have always enjoyed watching. But, I think that the people on this years show are rude, complaining little twits. Its is sad that the only reason that they are there is not to loose weight but to gain money. Let them not forget that the MONEY IS EARNED!!!! NOT JUST GIVEN TOO THEM!!! Let them walk out and eliminate them all. Im fat and want money for college so I can raise my kids. Can i come on the biggest looser? I will show them the weight loss plus how you earn it. Bob is the greatest and Jillian should have never left. :)


Let them all quit. Bring back all the ones who want to be there for the right reasons. I say goodby to all those cry babies.


After watching BL for years, this one is the very worst! I have quit watching for the most part. The back-biting, pity-parties, and 'game playing', from all the 'drama queens', is NOT worth watching. If Jeremy hadn't helped Conda so much, she'd been out a long time ago. I bet Kim will get back into the ring and fight again, making even more money for her little selfish self.
IF BL producers don't change their tune, this show will be history soon, and rightly so! Last spring, with the 4 top ladies being positive role models, now that was THE Show!


This is the first season that I have watched the show and can't believe I have not been watching this show! I think with the drama from when the blue team got to came back, it has put a sour taste in their mouth. They have all earned their right to be there and that's the way it should be.


I agree with all of the above comments. Absolutely hate this season. I stopped watching last week. If they walk, the show's producers are to blame for creating and encouraging their spoiled behavior.


I have watched the Biggest Loser from the beginning. After watching this season I will no longer be watching. These are the most hateful people that have ever been on the show. The reason for the show has been lost. We watched the show in the past for inspiration. NO INSPIRATION THIS SEASON. I will no longer be watching, your ratings are going to go down after this season.


I wholeheartedly agree with the comments above. With a few rare exceptions, this years's group of contestants are indeed real "Losers" - petty, immature, self centered and poor role models. Conda is an umbelievable shrew. If she winds up winning, it will be a mockery of what the show and prior contestants have stood for in the past. I say, let them all walk away and good riddance! This is the first year that I have decided to stop watching this show.