The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Courtney Robertson Pretends to Come Clean, Be Nice

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Monday on The Bachelor, Courtney Robertson is on the hot seat ... again. Only this time, it's to assuage Ben Flajnik, not just to start drama with other girls.

Regarding her treatment of the other women, which has obviously been awful (to say the least) this winter, how does the 28-year-old model respond?

By lying and playing the victim, of course:

Feeling a bit desperate, Courtney tries to pull Ben aside for some one-on-one time to come clean about her relationship with the other women in the house ... sort of.

"I tried really hard to be nice with [the other women], but that's a really unique situation for me," she says in the sneak preview clip seen above.

"I'd say something and they'd jump on me. I had my guard up."

Little does Ben Flajnik know, however, Robertson said more than a few hurtful things. Some of which can be seen in the 53-minute highlight reel below:

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In my opinion, if this orhtey of love making really proved to work then the previous clients would not have broken up or divorced after just a couple months time. Yes, the show is very entertaining to laugh at; especially all of the drama. But I do not believe that they are really making true love .


I seriously thought this season was reality programed to the hilt. I can't get over how truly mean Courtney was and that Ben couldn't see thru her. I thought when he wrote Kacie B off when she went out of her way to come to Switzerland was just lined up and the whole wedding crap at Courtney's parents house. Geez,it goes on and on. I think Ben probably hasn't ever had more than a medicore "looking" woman in his life and jumped on the trophy wife bandwagon. What a douce'


I don't actually believe that Courtney is a bad person. She was up against so many other women, and just clawed out, not being used to not being the center of attention ! It's wrong how she acted upon it, but it doesn't have to influence the way she feels about Ben.
I feel she was right to say that Ben isn’t the only man out there: because he really isn’t the only guy out there for all of them! And it was said at a point, where it was far too early for all the girls to all feel this 'amaaazing connection' with Ben, like they all claimed - I mean c'mon: I bet they wanted to win just as badly & that half of there weren't as as they pretended to be.
Many other girls had far better personalities, but for some reason I just have the feeling that C and B belong together ! They have this unique connection and really do just 'get' each other. I'm sure the other girls - being as sweet as they are - will find their own (better-suiting) Prince Charming... ;-)


If Ben picks Courtney...I will be done with the's to much drama..and for Ben not to see how Courtney really is being so after being warned...then you gotta know it is stupid this show is getting just to keep the ratings,,,,,


She said 2 things that tried to minimize how she treated them- "enough about that" and "it's all in the past." I really love it when she says," you've received everything so well" to Ben, initially. She may as well have said,"you've swallowed all my tactics and bullshit so well, why are you questioning me now?" What a loser. I hope then producers don't try to add in more voice stuff where she sounds repentant- that would be even worse than the reality of Ben picking her. They do both deserve each other, though. The other girls dodged a bullet.


I don't know why I keep watching this show, I think I need some help too.


I'm so socked,that he send home the sweeties beautiful girl inside & out, Kaysie B,did'nt have to go home,but she did because Ben didn't like what her father said to him,he wasn't thinking,even thoug her father told him stuff ,but he should just ignored what he told him ,because I'm sure K,B won't take what his father told him,Anyway he likes Courtney girl because she looks like evil & mean and he's probably ended up with her,he did alot off things that he shouldn't be doing with Courtney behind the other girl's behind,Yeah I guess they belong to one another since they did those things,and to me that's not right,she's working him out alright and he's blind!!!.I don't like Ben for not been honest to other's,same on you.


This girl has definite issues, NOBODY treats other people like she has unless you have issues. Editing or not, they didn't put words in her mouth that she did not say. She needs some help and if he chose her, he needs help too.

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