The Bachelor Recap: Kill Shot!!!

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This season of The Bachelor has been the season of Courtney Robertson, and last night was no exception as the remaining women clamored to stop the Black Widow.

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    Hate to say it, but if Courtney wasn't on, would we be looking at this season's Bachelor? She is certifiably crazy but he is dull as dish water.

    Who would be looking at the show if we didn't turn in to see how evil Crazy Courtney could be. The other girls are "nice". Unfortunately, that could be a problem as Ben is "dull". So the show with boring Ben and nice girls wouldn't have captivated the attention of a large audience.

    Yeah, Courtney is evil, bitchy, crazy, malicious, manipulative, nutty.....but she sure is very, very interesting!


    Ben is a real hottie, and after the Bachlorette last season I think he really got hurt. I think so because the lose nut, whatever her stupid name was (it should have been "Stupid") flipped over each and every guy that walked in and that first guy told her to her face
    she did NOTHING for him. She acted sincere w/Ben and he WAS being sincere. Now he's playing the game a little differently---Hurray for him. J.P. seemed nice but too nice for "Stupid." Ben's right, you can't be friends after someone knifes you after being deceiveful. Ben doesn't another deceit---just like Courtney. She has a very high inflated opinion of herself. He deserves better--much much better. Wish I was younger! Courtney is plain UGLY...& acting as well.


    hopefully,he would pick the right one...but i vote if he will pick nicki.


    Looks like the spoilers might be right, how sad. Ben could be a good husband to the right person, but you know what they say, a good woman is behind every good man, but what about having a wicked, evil bitch behind you. He says, "what if I really like this person, and nobody else does?" .. something to that effect, get used to it, your're going to lose friends and respect with her at your side. It won't last thats for sure. Kasie is a doll but I really like Nicki, it would be nice to see her come through somehow.


    Courtney is a BITCH, buck teeth, thick stumps for legs, ugly wardrobe, stringy hair, REAL model material......get over your ugly self! Wake up and drink the salt water Ben this chick SUCKS! Oh but that's why she's still on the show isn't it???


    Courtney scares me; she has the look of a dog, right before it bites. Her many twisted faces and snide remarks resemble a psychopath; a true deranged person. How could anyone think she is attractive? Cruella deVille was more attractive than her!


    The Bachelor is a guilty pleasure and I watch every season. This is probably the worst bachelor in the show's history. The best way I can describe him is D O U C H E - Y. I think I dislike him more than I disliked Jake during the Vienna drama.

    If the spoilers are right and Ben picks Courtney, he really is the dumb ass I expect to him and that Kacie B. will probably be the next Bachelorette...

    Courtney, you are a gorgeous girl that gets uglier and uglier with every episode. How sad for you.


    i dont like ben he is a loser...........what the hell he picked courtney she is selfish and ugly she dont deserve him he need to pick kacie b she was right for him........... u are a loser......... already u are stupid.............. just dummmm............


    Kacie is the one! I felt that from the beginning. Lindze is great too! Courtney a big ZERO!


    I think Ben will pick Courtney and you know what? They deserve each other. But I can't imagine them being married to each other.

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