The Bachelor Recap: Casey Shteamer Gets Busted, Courtney Robertson Gets Nude (Again)

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Ben Flajnik may be the titular star of the ABC reality franchise, but this season of The Bachelor has been without a doubt the season of Courtney Robertson.

Week after week, the girl continues to cement her reputation as the best Bachelor villain of all time, while redefining the standards of human terribleness.

Okay, sorry. That was a bit harsh. Well, maybe.

Skinny-dipping is a tough act to follow, but Court is a tough girl to hold back when it comes to showing off her body. She's, like, a model after all y'know.

There was also a pretty big scandal involving Samantha, as The Bachelor spoilers (and the promos, and Chris Harrison) told us. How it that play out?

Join us for THG's official +/- Bachelor recap of week six ...

Casey Shteamer

Kacie B. got the first one-on-one date this season and after earning her second this week, looks more and more like a contender. She's nice. Plus 10.

Ben says this date - "surviving on a desert island" will show how they might work together in the future. Minus 60 for that recycled Bachelor platitude.

“Watching Ben cut into a coconut … it’s so hot,” Kacie says. Mmm. Plus 5.

She shares her high school history of anorexia and bulimia with Ben. Heavy topic and maybe too soon, but honest, courageous and forthright. Plus 12.

In the dreaded two-on-one date, Blakeley and Rachel go salsa dancing. Blakely pulls out all the tricks ... and we mean implied sexual favors. Plus 9.

Then she shows Ben a scrapbook of their love story, which is hilarious and kind of stalker-like as she never had real one-on-one time with Ben. Minus 11.

Rachel Trueheart (that's her name) gets the rose. Plus 8.

The group date gals had to rely on Ben to navigate through the river. Being a man's man (with a whole production team), he got it done somehow. Plus 6.
Ben Flajnik, Mole-Free

Heading deep into the dense jungle, a group of young boys clad in loin cloths are playing soccer. Clearly giving Courtney too many ideas. Minus 12.

“We kind of followed in the direction they ran and stumbled upon this village.” - Nicki. It's true, Ben plans some crazy spontaneous dates. Minus 9.

Courtney, of course, decides to be one with nature. “I don’t do anything half-assed,” she says, baring her breasts, blurred out by ABC. Minus 40.

“These girls… they are all like so prude," she says of girls who elect to remain sweaty and in bikinis while competing on The Bachelor. Plus 15.

“I appreciated that in more than one way,” Ben, of Courtney letting it all hang out. We imagine almost no viewer did, but good for you. Minus 9.

Courtney, having not commanded the attention of the show for a good couple of minutes, decides to interrupt Ben's time with Jamie. Minus 14.

Stripping down to a bikini, prancing around the pool, stretching her legs, splashing around ... is she getting paid to put on this show? If so, Plus 10.

Courtney invites Ben to come to her room after the party. He does not go for it somehow, and Plus 30 for that, but it's just a matter of time.

Courtney and Ben

Speaking of Jamie, she delivered probably the worst kiss in Bachelor history. Or best, from an entertainment standpoint. But for romance, pure awfulness.

“I want to turn Ben on,” she says, straddling him in a short, tight cocktail dress, giggling like a drunk teenager. This is a scene out of Superbad. Plus 20.

Jamie tells Ben the first kiss was bad because her mouth was open when his was closed. “Do you want my mouth closed or open?” he asks. Ugh. Minus 19.

After hearing her laundry list of kissing instructions, Ben can't even take it seriously anymore. “That’s normally how kissing goes,” he says. Indeed. Plus 12.

The second attempt was even worse. Jamie Otis, no rose for you. Plus 10.

Chris Harrison shows up and calls out Casey Shteamer. Dun-dun-dun! Plus 30.

Chris tells Casey he received tips from exactly three different people back in the U.S. that she was “in love with somebody else.” Then what did he do?

He says he then reached out to this mystery man, Michael, who apparently confirmed that the two were actually in a relationship. Busted! Plus 25.

Casey denies being in a relationship but admits she’s still in love with him, and after an awkward talk with Ben, Casey is sent home. Minus 35.


Eliminations: Blakeley Shea, Casey Shteamer, Jamie Otis.

Courtney Robertson: Your thoughts?


Courtney is revolting in every way. She has a mean and ugly soul, which in turn makes her physically unattractive. And, she's boring and stupid to boot. This is the WORST bachelor season ever. . .


I never watch the show, but got a kick out of this article. This guy, Ben, is such a doofusy looking dude! Why do any of these sluts even want him?


I think courtney is a terrible site for anyones eyes after she trys everything to have ben choose her. Is she being paid something or doing something outrageous as skinny dipping and then have her breasts hang all out in panama. I was watching this show, but I will have to watch another channel next week.. Ben is very disgusting in his ways and he had to give courtney another rose this week.. What a real joke of a program.


I am now just watching the show to see the locations they go to. Ben is a huge letdown of a person, and Courtney is just Courtney (does Bentley have a twin?)Shame on the show for even going this low. The winner here will be the girls he doesn't pick.


I don't think it is about finding love at all. They are just IN HEAT! Downright disgusting this time. I wonder how these girls go about finding a job when they get back home. I hope they don't have families to embarrass.


I whole-heartedly agree with most of the comments...Courtney is so shallow, skanky, bird-brained, insincere, etc, etc... I think the comments about Ben are right-on! Grubby, needing a hair-cut, not very keen, amateurish, and a dolt, for sure. Please check-out the next Bachelor candidate with a more in-depth look-see!!
Thanks. BRH.


Bachelor is about a gal trying to get attention of the bachelor - Courtney is awesome at this. She's right the other girls are making it easy for her to get his attention. In Panama, it was about the females leaving their bathing suit tops off like the village lady was illustrating - there again Courtney was doing it right. She's fun to watch, 'cause she's not only one dimension. She seems down to earth just like Ben. My second choice is Kacie B. Show should not have Casey go, she was honest about the guy she loved not wanting to get married and she moved on - what better place to be to see if you connect with someone who is looking to get married. Courtney knows how to go for what she wants - the bitch is that blonde who wastes Ben's time by warning him about Courtney rather than appreciate the time she has with Ben - dah! Courtney - you go girrrrl!!!!!!!!!!!


This show is so boring. Courtney is a B***h. I keep thanking God that she is not my daughter. Ben deserves Courtney. The other girls are too good for him. Thankfully, I now have The Voice to watch. They always get one girl to be the B***H and make the girls in the house hate her, and the other girls are all nice girls who get along well with each other. BORING!! ABC needs to come up with something new to make this show interesting. Ben is just like Jake P. was. He gets the "bad girl" that no one else likes, and I am sure the outcome will be the same. We will probably be watching Ben and Courtney square off in The Bachelor Pad in a year or two. I am outta here!


Compared to the Voice, the Bachelor is kind of boring and annoying at the same time. I still watch it because I want to know what is going to happen. Otherwise, I would be watching Christian, Blake, Cee Lo, and Adam performing Prince's songs and judging. The Voice rocks. So much better than American Idol.


I think Ben has his mind made up so going through various motions at this point in the show. Who knows if Courtney is like that or abc wants her to be the villian. Notice she is the only one always drinking wine. He'll pick her cause she is already from Calif. Don't think it is fair Emily gets another chance--she already won, she was not runner up like the others who got a second chance--how much money does abc want to spend on her and not fair to Brad. She seemed genuine and everyone felt sorry for her but turned out she has major issues. I will feel for those guys who try to date her.

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