Teen Mom 2 Season Finale Recap: Rehab, Cheating, Divorce and Heartbreak

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Teen Mom 2 closed out its second season with a bang last night.

Someone cheated, someone broke up their relationship (and household) for good, while someone came back from rehab and someone got back together with their ex.

If you saw last week, and the week before that, you pretty much know who we're referring to in each case, but that didn't make it any less surprising to watch.

Let's get to it and break down the antics of Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry our Teen Mom 2 season finale recap, THG +/- style!

Teen Mom 2 After Show

Jenelle Evans heads off to rehab in Malibu, California. Plus 19.

That place must be really affordable. It's apparently run by hunks, once of which picks up Jenelle to take her to the facility. She remarks that she's never "been so upset, anxious, depressed" in her life. Debbie Downer much? Minus 10.

We kid. She's clearly there for a reason. Asked why she came, Jenelle explains that "Weed is not really a problem for me. The only problem with it is I'm not allowed to smoke."

Plus 15 for such an obvious, moronically defiant stoner comment.

She takes a drug test that turns up positive for THC. Minus 20.

A psychologist learns that Jenelle's brother (who we know even less about than her baby daddy) has bipolar schizophrenia. The doctor feels Jenelle may be bipolar as well, and he treats her with anxiety meds. She's surprisingly receptive. Plus 24.

Asked how she'd describe herself, she says "impulsive, smart and angry." Asked what she wants to be, she says: "happy, more caring and affectionate." Plus 13.

After two weeks, she's allowed to use her computer and cell phone, and Kieffer immediately guilt tips her. Mercifully, Jenelle's completely immune. Plus 17.

"Why don't you let me focus on myself while I'm here?" she asks. "I'm gonna move on," Kieffer replies. Hopefully he meant move on off a cliff. Plus 27.

Face Tahm with Bahhbrahh!!! Plus 19.

Their reunion is almost touching. We know Jenelle Evans has had more issues since this episode, but she really seems like she's trying. A little. Right? Minus 10.

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot 2012
Jenelle Evans Mugshot 2012

Kailyn Lowry can't stop thinking about Jo, with whom "Things went further than they should have." At least she doesn't totally kiss/boink and tell. Plus 8.

Jo has no such filter, telling his bro: "We got Isaac to sleep ... and we ended up having sex in the shower." Plus 12, because he is an aspiring rapper and all.

Kailyn sort of confesses to Jordan: "I just started to have feelings for Jo again. It makes life so much harder. Why do I put myself in these positions."

You mean the position where you were bent over in the shower? Minus 19.

Minus 28 more for turning around the argument on Jordan, saying he can't understand the bond a mother has with her child's father. Girl, please.

His final words: "I hope you can live with yourself." Ouch. Plus 17.

When she confronts Jo, he bluntly says, "I'm not sitting here, trying to settle down. I'm just living my life. This is bad timing." Ouch again, Kails.

Now, the tears she did not shed for Jordan come on hard. Minus 13.

Chelsea Houska is focused on her GED, but decides she needs a break, which entails going to a car show her awful ex will probably be at! Yay? Minus 9.

Naturally, Adam is in fact there. "How long is it going to take before I can see him and not get sad?" Chelsea asked her mom. Here we go ... Minus 7.

Chelsea passes her GED flying colors! "Did you bomb?" Randy asks. LOL. Plus 20.

When Adam shows up to to hold Aubree, she panics and cries. Figures. Plus 12.

He asks Chelsea if she'd like to take a drive, and it's pretty obvious she will walk over broken glass if this loser shows a hint of interest, which is sad. Minus 39.

Later, she rides off into the sunset on the back of his black motorcycle. Neither her head nor her heart is safe at this point, and it's disappointing. Minus 11.

Leah Messer Dumped?
Teen Mom Split!
Leah's Double Life
Jenelle and Leah: Moms at Risk

Leah Messer and Corey Simms are splitting up. This was obvious when he came across the section of the paper that lists everyone who filed. Minus 20.

That's located next to the Gun Permits column. Plus 12.

He's shocked, or at least feigning it for the cameras, that Leah went through with this. He takes off his ring slowly, despondently for effect. Plus 18.

As Leah and her mom discuss Leah's future, her mom decides it's a good time to take out the wedding photos that finally came in the mail! Uhh, Minus 7.

When Leah Messer heads to the lawyer's office to drop Aleeah and Ali off with Corey, she loses it. The first night of loneliness is more than she can take.

"This is a marriage that's led to a divorce," she says. DEEP. Minus 10.

There's nothing positive about their home being physically wrecked, or at least divided up and moved out. They both cry a lot. It's depressing. Minus 25.



I just feel so much for janelle and her situation. I almost cried that time she broke down in the room after getting into that fight - I have been there and know what it feels like to be so broken at that age. It gets better if you try.


I CANNOT even understand how the whore Leah could cheat on Corey 1 week before the wedding!! She acts like she is SO high and mighty and Corey deserves So much better than that slut. I hope she finds someone who she really loves and then he turns around and does to her what she did to Corey!! What goes around comes around and Leah.... you will get yours. And Chelsey..... what the .... Adam is an asshole and I dont know where his parents are but he is the RUDEST CRUELEST MEAN SELFISH BOY yes, boy... you are not a man you calling your daughter names... shame on you.... if i saw you i would go up to you and spit on your face!!


These girl just wanted you to see their stories not for you to jugde them.


God it seems like jenelle is the only 1 thats trying to do better! I have no respect for the other girls why do you destroy the few good things you got:( wtf


Leah is a slut. End of


she did cheat, more than once & deserves to feel like crap. but my heart goes out to corey. he seems (and maybe it's just how they edit the show) that he is trying to be a good guy. this is coming from someone who has been married for almost 22 yrs! i've seen it all & been thru it all! he has forgiven her for cheating once & probably would have done it again if she just begged & promised (again). he told her he contacted a lawyer, but he never filed & didn't even know she had filed. i fully believe he would have taken her back if she had just tried. he didn't wanna lose his family. and yes, they had fights & he wanted a new truck. blah, blah, blah....he's a guy & a young guy. they think about that stuff. my husband is nearly 40 yrs old & still thinks about that stuff. so she needs to get over it & crawl back to him & beg for forgiveness & stop being a whore! i only say this for his sake cuz he truly seems to care & truly seems to want his family together. maybe i'm wrong...


hahaha to kailyn. bitch got what she deserved. jordan PLEASE stay away. youre way too good and way too cute for that trashy girl. jenelle... keep your nasty ass in rehab. chelsea... for the love of God will you just realize that adam is a bad guy and he only uses you?! and leah leah leah... you just need help. youre a great mommy but kind of a whore. its almost like you have no heart. all these girls need help.


I have no sympathy for Leah. She cheated and then made it seem like it was all Corey's fault. I think that she felt guilty and wanted the sympathy and she knew the show was going to show the cheating and didn't want the full wrath so she tried to get her sympathy before the truth was shown.

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