Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska Get Grilled

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Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska reunited last night in part two of the MTV reality show's time-honored "checkup" with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Last week, in part one of the reunion, Kailyn and Jenelle were in the hot seat. This time it was Leah and Chelsea on the receiving end of Dr. D's burning questions.

What did we find out? Not a lot, but here's our recap!

Corey and Leah Picture

Minus 20 right off the bat because so much has changed in the girls' lives since this show was taped last summer that this feels like watching some other season.

The real reasons for the end of Leah and Corey's marriage: Lack of intimacy. Infidelity. The constant battle with their girls' health problems. Beef hot dogs. Plus 30.

Seriously. This came up. You knew Corey had checked out of the marriage when he came home with beef hot dogs, not "pork and chicken." The horror. Minus 5.

Speaking of pork(ing), Leah cheated with her ex-boyfriend a week before her wedding to Corey, AND at her Bachelorette party with the same dude! Minus 40.

Drew finally persuaded Corey to go to therapy with Leah, and they made such AMAZING progress ... not! She's engaged to some other guy! Timing fail. Minus 10.

The Teen Mom 2 Stars

Speaking of which, be advised, Jeremy Calvert. Just be advised. Minus 5.

Dr. Drew is crushing hardcore on Adam Lind for some reason. Plus 15.

"He's actually changed," Pinsky said of the abusive a-hole texter who once referred to Aubree as a "mistake." Really? Have you watched Season 2? Minus 20.

Drew encourages them to profess their love on TV. Uhhh, Minus 5.

This is even more pointless because Chelsea is now reportedly involved in a made for MTV romance with a Caged MMA fighter, but Plus 25 since he's not Adam.

Did Chelsea get her GED? Will she and Adam continue this unhealthy pattern and end up in bed again? Who knows! Bring on Teen Mom 2 Season 3! Plus 5.



Dr.Drew is ridiculous. Cheating is not a FATAL BLOW to a marriage!?!? It would be to mine. Why should Corey have to put up with that? All women don't cheat. If doctor Drew wants to put up with that sort of thing, fine. Corey find a devoted woman. Leah belongs with cheating kind of guy, not a sincere person.


I got bored and goggled Teen Mom. I found an interesting site with this lady who got to go backstage from before show to way after. She's some kind of blogger, I want to say Mandy. She made a timeline and REAL comments. Such as Barb and Jenelle fought so bad, Jenelle walked off 3 times and they had to stop taping. Leah is so small she could fit in your pocket.


Chelsea was hot not as a total blonde and wasn't going "Hollywood" trying to loose weight and such she was hella fine a little bigger in the season shows. Leah is a slut


Dr drew really pissed me off... all he did was ask yes and no questions... The girls were like unhh huhhh the whole show. they didnt answer honestly because that would be against whatever "lesson he is teaching about teen pregnancy". They probably were thinkin shut up dude lol. Then trying to make chelsea throw megan under the bus. Corey looked bored. What dr drew should have done was show leah that all this is a consequence for her action. Not make cory out to be the bad guy. Sn: the babies are too cute


Can someone please tell Leah she looks ridiculous?! Why do 19 year olds want to look 38? I just don't get it, that severe bottle blonde look is so NASTY!!


Worst Reunion show ever. Why was this taped last July. WAAAAAAY too much has happened since then. They should have filmed that this year. Dr. Drew was really annoying when he kept pushing Corey(and his Dad!) to give Leah another chance. Forget that! She cheated on him mtiple times, he deserves better. If it were the other way around and Corey kept cheating on Leah, I doubt he would have been pushing for a reconciliation. Adumb and Chelsea's segment was worthless...couldn't understand anything with all that mumbling going on. They need subtitles! I think they will always try and one up each other on cheating and hurting each other, so that's great if Chelsea moved on and is seeing someone new. Anyone is a step up from Adam! Well, anyone except Kieffer...

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