Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska Get Grilled

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Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska reunited last night in part two of the MTV reality show's time-honored "checkup" with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Last week, in part one of the reunion, Kailyn and Jenelle were in the hot seat. This time it was Leah and Chelsea on the receiving end of Dr. D's burning questions.

What did we find out? Not a lot, but here's our recap!

Corey and Leah Picture

Minus 20 right off the bat because so much has changed in the girls' lives since this show was taped last summer that this feels like watching some other season.

The real reasons for the end of Leah and Corey's marriage: Lack of intimacy. Infidelity. The constant battle with their girls' health problems. Beef hot dogs. Plus 30.

Seriously. This came up. You knew Corey had checked out of the marriage when he came home with beef hot dogs, not "pork and chicken." The horror. Minus 5.

Speaking of pork(ing), Leah cheated with her ex-boyfriend a week before her wedding to Corey, AND at her Bachelorette party with the same dude! Minus 40.

Drew finally persuaded Corey to go to therapy with Leah, and they made such AMAZING progress ... not! She's engaged to some other guy! Timing fail. Minus 10.

The Teen Mom 2 Stars

Speaking of which, be advised, Jeremy Calvert. Just be advised. Minus 5.

Dr. Drew is crushing hardcore on Adam Lind for some reason. Plus 15.

"He's actually changed," Pinsky said of the abusive a-hole texter who once referred to Aubree as a "mistake." Really? Have you watched Season 2? Minus 20.

Drew encourages them to profess their love on TV. Uhhh, Minus 5.

This is even more pointless because Chelsea is now reportedly involved in a made for MTV romance with a Caged MMA fighter, but Plus 25 since he's not Adam.

Did Chelsea get her GED? Will she and Adam continue this unhealthy pattern and end up in bed again? Who knows! Bring on Teen Mom 2 Season 3! Plus 5.



The only decent nice one on teen mom is Caitlin and her boyfriend Tyler the most mature level headed couple ever on teen mom thumbs up to you to your a credit to your child, the way you dealt with this was phenomenal brave and my heart really went out to you both, as for the rest of them their a waste of space My top teen mom is Caitlin x


Dr drew is a prick and gives bad advice, the teen moms should have kept their knickers on dirty slags


Chelsea is a fat lazy cunt, who needs to stop sponging off her father and get Adam to pay her fucking rent.vi hope Adam meets someone else without a whiny droany voice and gets her pregnant with his on, your a Thick stupid asshole, with a pug ugly kid, omg Aubrey is the ugliest bastard I ever saw, and yep all your kids are bastards born out of wedlock.
Leah you reap what you sew you dirty slag.
Farrah is a nasty vile bitch with an attitude problem, and I think your a bitch not letting your kid see her dads parents, it's Sophia your depriving you selfish ugly twisted faced bitch you speak to your parents like dirt, you vile vile Trollop
Amber hope you never get your kid back you horrible excuse for a mom.
Kailyn hope you learned your lesson you had a nice guy thru you go fuck joe again, another dirty slut,


first of all farrah is such a bitch and needs to appreciate her parents more. Chealsey sems lazy and is makin up excuses for adam and her education. Leah just pisses me off. Idk how she could cheat on corey he is such a good guy.....COREY COME C ME ILL APPRECIATE U!!! And janelle is just plain stupid and deserves to suffer on the streets. Im so glad amber is gettin what she deserves. She always tried to play the victim....wrong u were a complete enemy to ur daughter and gary. Ass for the rest of u i admire ur stront points in life. And the decisions u have made for ur life. Keep on rising to the highest peak u could ever reach!!! Yall have my vote!!!


I want to say that Leah is a bitch hoe for cheating she don't deserve a second chance,nd Chelsea ur good but move on Adam is not worth nothing but ur baby is so gorgeous,nd catelyn ur a good mother keep it up..


I hate to see the stories "end." I still wish they were fmiling the Teen Mom 1, as well as this season. I don't have anything new to add (you covered it pretty well) except that Chelsea is so spoiled and will never go anywhere in life because hr dad gives too much. He should learn some more hard ass parenting and realize that HE's the reason that Chelsea won't get off her ass and get her HS diploma. HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Come on.Jenelle and Chelsea should trade parents. I know that Jenelle's mom yells ALL THE TIME but I can't say I wouldn't do the same if I were her.


I would love to see what would happen if it were Corey cheating on Leah. The tables would SO be turned. It would be "poor Leah!", "dump him he's worthless!", and "YDI better for your girls". When Leah cheats on him? "Corey stay with her", "why are you being so selfish". I feel there is sexism in our society and I hate it. I know many people are mad at Leah's actions, but Dr. Drew obviously doesn't see this. Oh well, I'm done my rant, I enjoy this show for the Lulz and the fact that they're not many shows to watch on Wednesday!


Also: Kailyn. I like her a bit better, at least she realizes a bit more what she did was wrong. But she has excuses up her sleeve too. "Her bond" with Jo. I don't think she was using it as much as an excuse but more an explanation. Dr. Drew was pretty much expecting Jordan to stick around, and I bet he'd lay the same crap out on him that he did for Corey. Kail cheated, that baby is not his, he holds no responsibility towards either of them. Point simple. If he decides to support her, great, but he in no way has to justify his actions so it be he wants to cut Kail and Isaac out of his life. And I completely agreed with him when he said that it shouldn't have taken Jo's rejection for Kail to realize she wants Jordan, he was trying to phrase it correctly and got nailed. BTW, Jo's defense for the STD spread was hilarious. Dr. Drew trying to turn that into a lesson? Even funnier.


MTV is trying to make gross things acceptable to protect the teen mom, also known as their ticket for lunch money. Ex: Leah's cheating. It wasn't just once too! She cheated twice with the same guy. She managed to blame it on Corey somehow saying she felt there was a lack of intimacy. I don't buy it. But Dr.Drew gets mad at Corey for not staying with her despite her cheating! I get where he's coming from, no one wants to see a family with twins torn apart, but when she has cheated TWICE: come on. Dr. Drew, those are fatal blows to her marriage. Of course, MTV has to protect their teen moms' reputations so NOTHING is their fault. I get Leah is sorry and young, but I'm younger than her and even I know that she is old enough to handle the consequences of her actions. But then again, I would never end up on this show in the first place!


Corey don't need leah, she just not good enough for him, he deserve better. And chelsa is a dumb blonde she need to keep that color in her hair, adam just use her every time she get on her feet here he come to mess her life up all over again,

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