Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah Messer Admits Cheating on Corey Simms; Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera Hook Up!

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It was girls gone WILD night on Teen Mom 2 apparently.

Leah Messer admitted cheating on Corey Simms, again, while Kailyn Lowry, easily the most pulled-together of the bunch, did a little messing around on her own.

As we saw last week, and the week before that, Leah and Corey's relationship has been coming apart at the seams. Kailyn and Jordan, though, seemed solid.

To find out what went down Tuesday night with these two, as well as Jenelle and Chelsea, let's get down to business in our Teen Mom 2 recap, THG +/- style!

What a Messer

Leah Messer and Corey Simms have been on the rocks, and we know they're already divorced in real life, which is now about a year removed from these episodes.

Still, Leah's tearful confession that she hooked up with Robbie - her first love, who you may remember from 16 & Pregnant - was a bit of a shocker. Minus 11.

"I just don't know if I can get past cheating this time," Corey said, subtitled of course. "The past three years I've been hurt more than in my whole life." Which is like 19 years, but still, we get the point. Not cool Leah. Minus 19.

Her face streaked by tears, mascara and eye shadow, Leah says, "You deserve someone that's gonna appreciate everything you do." Aww, the time-honored it's-not-you-it's me defense ... after she slept with Robbie. Minus 20.

"That's why it's so hard, because I want it to be you," Corey cried. "But you won't do it." Blam. He's no prize himself, but hard not to feel for the guy here. Plus 10.

Corey's dad, Jeff, is not surprised when his son breaks the bad news. "I can only guess who," he says, and supports his son decision to get a divorce. Plus 5.

"You put up with a lot to keep your family together. Every time she goes down the road to go tanning or whatever, you're always in the back of your mind gonna wonder ... if she's going to meet somebody else." - Jeff. Sage words. Plus 10.

Corey texts Leah to let her know he's hired a lawyer. Worried about custody, Leah decides to consult her own and files first. And so it ends. Minus 65.

A Kailyn Lowry Picture

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera had been doing a surprisingly good job at co-parenting despite their differences. Plus 15, for always putting Isaac first.

Since on weekends he's off "doing his thing" (fostering his music career), Jo requests a midweek custody visit with Isaac ... at Kailyn's house. Uh-oh.

Jordan's sweetly akward bro-hug with Jo last week couldn't stop him from getting a "bad feeling about the weekday visits," and for good reason. Plus 10.

Kailyn accidentally (or not accidentally) said "love you" in mid-goodbye kiss to Jo. That is what we call a Freudian slip ... or something. Either way, Minus 15.

Jo reassured Kailyn that he's dropping his child support appeal. Plus 50.

In weekday custody visit #2, Isaac's mom and dad went to the bedroom and shut the door on the cameras. Uhh. Plus 30 for not seeing that one coming.

Poor Jordan, he's such a good-seeming guy too. Minus 15.

At least we know that Kailyn's IUD is firmly up in there. Plus 10.

Chelsea Houska is now the Teen Mom 2 role model, apparently! She's doing so well at Year Round Brown, and we don't just mean that she's brown.

But she is. In South Dakota. It's a little ridiculous. Minus 5.

Adam accuses his ex of being a "f--king child" and telling her to "f--king grow up already, but Adam sucks, and Chelsea's matured a lot, so Plus 30.

Just don't fail the GED exam, okay? You know it can happen. Minus 5.

"I never thought I'd get checks from you," said Randy, dad and landlord, after getting his first check from his daughter, who's pulling it together. Plus 10.

Think she has personal checks in leopard print? Plus 5.

Chelsea wants to give Aubree "something for her to look up to" and she's doing a heck of a job ... at least until next week's finale. Adam swooning returns. Minus 20.

Jenelle Evans, Glasses

Jenelle Evans acknowledges that jail may be worse than smoking pot, dating Kieffer Delp and fighting her friends. Self-awareness is the first step. Plus 10.

After the obligatory screaming of profanities at each other over Jace, Jenelle and Barbara share a tender moment about rehab. Aww. You guys. Plus 5.

"I just want you to get better. I know it's very much a struggle, so let's get you somewhere and get you some help," Barbara says, comforting her troubled daughter as she makes arrangements to head to rehab in California. Plus 5.

Minus 15 for all Jenelle's legal issues SINCE then, but still, a nice sentiment.

"I'll miss you," Barbara says. "I won't miss the drama - but get better." Oh, Babs. Plus 20.

Obligatory Minus 30 for Jenelle never seeming to care about Jace much. Sad.



TOO MUCH. This show needs to be taken off the air. It's wrong to show these teen moms ruining their lives and embarrassing their babies. These babies will be a joke when they start school. It's bad enough their parents are teenagers, but stupid and slutty. That baby Jace needs to be taken from Jenelle's mother, because she is unfit too. Her mother should not be allowing her crack head daughter, loud talking, and always fighting around Jace. This is a disgrace and just not a healthy environment for a baby. Jenelle will not change and dating a known drug addict. Jenelle admitted to doing drugs for six years straight everyday, therefore, Jace is a drug baby. DCS needs to step in.


ya are all doing a great job keep it up


hey i know what you guys are go though i felt sorry for you guys it was hard for me to when i was a teen like you guys


Kailyn ever here that saying??


Chelsea seems like she is getting her act together slowly. Why is she so afraid to take the GED. I would think she would pass since it is based off of around a 9th grade level.
Randy her father is an enabler, what she needs is to go to consuling and figure out why she keeps going back to adam, I know she lacks self-confidence and he be-littles her the most. It is like the cycle of violence. ( metal abuse is just as bad a physical abuse). Randy you need to talk to adam on the side and persuade him not to come around.... at this point chelsea you aren't anything to him but a go to when he doesn't have anyone else. Chelsea you seem like a great person who has everything in life to gain. Don't waste it on someone who treats you like crap all the time. I am sure there is someone out there who will treat you with respect, dignity and will love you for who you are.


Dear Chelsea, your hair is hideous. Who told you white was 'in'? Lmao! It's so ugly, and has anyone ever told you about these neat inventions called barrettes? Go educate yourself, get a real job and stop mooching off your fat assed dad. I'm guessing you will be stupid enough to fall for (cry and whine about) Adam. Girl, have some respect for yourself! You look so pathetic and desperate this season!


Leah...you slutty piece of white trash!! I used to like you but you're nothing but a tacky lying, cheating whore. If I was your Mom, I'd bitch slap you into next month. How many men are you going to drag into your bedroom before the girls start school...10? 20? You make me vomit. How about you try not spreading your legs for every single guy that comes into your life and show your girls how to be a strong, independent female? Grow up you punk.


The one that irritates me the most is the one everybody keeps saying has started to get herself together. Chelsea is a spoiled,lazy,self-serving, immature brat. Oh wow she got a part time job working a whole 15 hours a week. Why has this girl not gone out to take her GED exam ? Even Jenelle with all her problems has attended college. But yet her father keeps shelling out money to rent out townhouses and buy her new cars. When I saw the new late- model orange jeep, I could not believe my eyes! What was wrong with the red convertible she had before? If I was her father Chelsea and Aubree would live with me and I would have not bought any of those things until she at the very least got her diploma and a real job working at least 30 hours a week . She is so undeserving in my opinion. All I ever see her do is lay around in sweatsuits with that hair in her face bitching and moaning about that poor excuse for a father and boyfriend.


Jenelle -- you're going through a rough time. One day you're going to look back at this and be like DAMN thank God I am better. My sister was where you are .. and today she is so very much in love with her son and happy. Sometimes you just have to get through the hurdles .. Kailyn -- you go girl! Door was closed .. we can only assume. Jo seems like a great dad. though Jordan is sweet, of course you have love for Jo. Just be careful .. don't fool around with him and end up alone and miserable! Leah -- Seriously? Mistakes happen. I'm sorry for the both of you. It's going to be tough .. but you will both be happier in the end. Chelsea -- So happy to see you doing things and making big accomplishments! You seem happy. Adam Sucks. Been there done that. It's worth crying and moving on .. I promise you there is a guy that will treat you and Aubree like princesses!


Leah is stupid for what she did. We all make mistakes and we learn from them. In a marriage you work things out not go get a divorce every time. Maybe marriage councling would work. Kailyn does have a good relationship with Jordan but you can't help who you love. That was her first love and the father of her child. She can do what she wants. Chelsea is finally figuring things out, but she needs to stay away from adam. And jenelle is just a retard. I'm happy she is actually trying to make her life better.

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