Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Can't Smoke Weed For a Year! A Year!

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Life sure is a constant battle for Jenelle Evans these days.

After a drumstick beating of her roommate last week on Teen Mom 2, this week marked a turning point in her infamous breaking and entering and drug case.

She escaped with probation, which was good news, right? Yes and no. When you smoke weed every day (RIP Nate Dogg), probation is like a death sentence.

To find out what pissed Jenelle off (what doesn't) this week, and much more, let's get down to business in this week's Teen Mom 2 recap, THG's +/- style!

Jenelle Cries

Jenelle Evans' meltdowns really are becoming a weekly occurrence. This week's is a bit more understandable, given the stress of going to court and all.

Jenelle was sentenced to supervised probation, while boyfriend Kieffer Delp's own case was basically dismissed. Minus 17, because that spells trouble.

"Kieffer gets nothing," she yells. "It's no f--king fair I get put on probation ... I have to sit here and quit smoking pot for, like, a whole year!" BRUTAL! Plus 9.

Moreover, "And not get in trouble, or anything, or be around alcohol, or nothing!" Yes, Jenelle, that is how probation works. It's in lieu of jail. Minus 13.

Plus 6 for wearing a Victoria's Secret t-shirt and sweats to court though.

Kieffer tries not to gloat, but Jenelle screams, "You can go home and smoke a blunt right now!" Plus 15 because this is actually, like, a huge deal to Jenelle.

"I swear to God," he says, "if you can't smoke pot, I will not smoke pot." Plus 4 for the sweet thought, but that is just a complete lie, so Minus 10.

"I get so anxiety ridden and I have to smoke! I'd be smoking right now," Jenelle screams at her hoodie-wearing love, cigarette in hand! "but I can't! I can't go home and just chill and smoke. I can't do that no more." Minus 18.

If weed is so important, and not taking care of her son, honestly, Jenelly needs to take a long hard look at her life. We know she's got issues but come on.

The Teen Mom 2 Stars

Kailyn Lowry almost made it two Teen Mom 2 stars in court this week but Jo's child support appeal has been postponed. Hopefully for the best. Maybe.

Jo, completely unprompted by MTV producer of course, asks to meet Kailyn's boyfriend, Jordan, so they schedule a showdown. Dun-dun-dun! Plus 5.

Kailyn says dryly that "it's bound to happen" that Jo has groupies. LOL. Plus 6.

Jordan's anxious, to be sure, but after some heavy grilling by Jo, the new BF in Kailyn's life earns his approval and there is even a man-hug. Plus 18.

"You don't do crack, right?" - Jo. Crack?! Plus 22.

Plus 10 more for Kailyn working so hard for Isaac. It's almost taken for granted these days, but it shouldn't be. Girl busts her behind, every day.

Chelsea Houska is loving life at the tanning salon job, saying, "I was even able to buy a new car with my dad's help." More like with MTV's. Minus 11.

Plus 6 for this episode's general, happier Adam-free vibe, though.

She signs up for a March of Dimes fundraising walk for premature babies, and raises more than $700 - including $100 from her employer. Plus 19.

The walk takes place in a mall. We would make fun of that, but have you seen the snow drifts in South Dakota? Plus 3 for even leaving the house.

Plus 5 for the name Year Round Brown. Never gets old.

Plus 15 more for Aubree's cute little face! Aww.

Teen Mom Split!
Corey Simms and Leah Messer

Leah Messer learns that her parents have found her a trailer home. She agonizes over the decision to move and wonders whether Corey loves her enough to go along with it. When you have to ponder that, it's nevr a good sign.

Leah's stepdad says a man's wants come last in a relationship. Noble idea, but sadly not a lot of them see it that way. Her husband clearly doesn't.

Although he's given up arguing for a new truck, he still opposes a new home purchase apparently. Their other one is really nice. Oh wait. Minus 20.

"The truck thing is over," he says. Their marriage is next. Minus 50.



CAN....NOT.....STAND Jenelle...what a worthless piece of shit! The courts should review the footage of this god awful show and sever her any parental rights she has left. She will look back on this time in her life one day and totally regret throwing her own son under the bus so she could get high and hang out with a homeless, fatassed loser. And then there's cute lil Chelsea.... my god, grow up and stop leaching off your daddy. Get this through your pea brain you dimwit....ADAM DOESN'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU....ADAM DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY HOUSE WITH YOU ANYMORE.... Have some self respect!!!!


Allright mallori finally someone with sense. These girls are trainwreck whores if it wasn't for mtv there parents would be raising all these kids. These parents n their kids will never split the atom. They are a waste other than tv ratings. Fuck em cancel the show why are we praising common whores. Mtv have a show on kids accomplishing things besides making porn


Every single one of these stupid little girls is pathetic. They don't deserve the time of day, and to even be wasting an hour of peoples time on tv. There could be BETTER shows then this bullshit. Please someone get rid of these stupid whores that can't close their legs.


I give credit where credit is do. All these girls try for their kids... Except Jenelle. Girl plays with Jace for 5 minutes before Kieffer calls then it is like she forgets she has a son! I wish she could just leave him, oh wait she can but won't. Honey you complain Jace's daddy was an alcoholic. You are an addict, you ain't no better.
Kailyn if you talked with Jo before you did stuff it would prob be fine, or better half the time. Even if he don't agree at least you warned him.
Chelsea... Adam is a jerk, you are a sweetheart who deserves so much more. Move on for your lil bug, she deserves improvement in that situation as much as you do.
Leah? Girl I know you ain't gonna let Cory treat you like that. You have not ONE but TWO girls to think about and that trailer of Cory's ain't safe.


Kailyn is always making changes and you wonder what plan will she set into motion next. Kailyn has abandonment issues, her mom is in and out of her life, father is mostly out; Kailyn can care less about bonding with anyone; As soon as Issac can talk and complain about her attitude and her changeable nature she will probably be done with him too. I hope Jo goes to court and seeks joint custody of his son, then he won't have to pay child support. Issac spends a lot of time with jo's family a couple of more days a week and that's joint custody. If Kailyn ever see's Jo with another girl, especially one that looks better than her she will flip out;Jordan will be a thing of the past. She only likes Jordan because he is detached he has his own life. I hope Kailyn continues to be a good mother to Isaac and not ever put a man or anything before her child, like her mother did.


I think Jenelle should act her age and be a mom. She can't for smoke weed for year. That is good news, she should'nt at all. She need to set an example for her son, Jace.


Leah has been living in a dump with her new husband and twin girls for sometime, what made her suddenly see how rundown the place is. It is in the country does she have neighbors? Cory wants to make changes but at his own pace, Leah wants to take charge of the situation, because she doesn't like the country; she wants to be around people, preferably her family and friends. Cory is insecure and wants her out in the boonies-no trust there and love is not very apparent either.


This "Stupid Hoe" has more than likely got enough stuff in her blood to last AT LEAST one
year! and Jessica........maybe go back to school?? just sayin'


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