Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow: Spotted at Dinner!!!

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This pairing almost makes too much sense, doesn't it?

Witnesses tell The New York Post that Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift struck up a conversation at a pre-Academy Awards party on Friday night, following it up with dinner two evenings later at at Toscanova Italian restaurant in Century City.

"After dinner, he walked her out," a source says. "Then he walked back in to join two other people. I think they may both have been with their agents."

  • Taylor Swift at Lorax Premiere
  • Tim Tebow Photograph

Granted, the meal doesn't sound too romantic, but Taylor has been burned by so many men in her past. Tebow is a virgin, had the good sense to reject Kim Kardashian and might be the son of God.

This couple has to happen.

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I have to agree with the person that commented below me, i have been thinking the same thing. give this girl a break. they had lunch
the news and media spoil so much. It would be nice as they are both so cute and sweet, but gosh let them have a life and or a friendship and or their own personal space. I have read comments that oh no those gosh her new break up song. good gosh people, let it be and be private. give her and them or just her and him alone have a life


For Christ's sake people they had dinner together with two other people. You said yourself it could have been their agents. If they are going to be a couple that's great news, & I wish them good luck. But I really hate when people jump the gun with something that could be so innocent.


Sounds wonderful. She has been totally classy young lady from the beginning...it would be nice if she found someone nice to hang out with...not easy in the spotlight...I like his values too...read a bio type article on him during the super bowl. They would make a great couple.


I like her songs and he is an excellent fit for her. I just can't stand her as a girls idol. My daughter, who is five, looks at her and says she wants to be skinny like her. What I would really like is to see swift brought top the surface as having a disorder so young girls know how unhealthy her physique is. I refuse to allow my daughter to see her now. Taylor needs to eat some country fried steak with a ton of gravy. Maybe by dating him he will fatten her up a bit. She only needs about 15 pounds on her. She has no muscles at allll. It's visibly clear shes unhealthy


She will EAT HIM ALIVE!!!


Good for them both. Fine Christian people. Strong values


i hope this happens. they are good for each other. and taylor is so pretty. wow. it would be such a good looking couple. and they are both christians!


What a wonderful looking couple. Nothing better than being equally yoked.


Kardashisns are non important and tebow dating Taylor is a good move except she Will add him to her next break up song lol


Yes time an taylor would be awesome... Solid beliefs an great people.