Taylor Armstrong Book Excerpts: Skeleton Sex and Love for Russell

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Taylor Armstrong has released a memoir that she claims is all about helping victims of abuse, not profiting from the August 2011 suicide of husband Russell.

Of course, organizations that help victims of abuse are still waiting for their proceeds from sales of "Hiding from Reality."

Taylor Armstrong on the Street
Taylor Armstrong Book Cover

New excerpts from this book have now hit the Internet, so you may read them for yourself and judge Taylor accordingly:

On her sex life with Russell: He would make comments when we were sexual... about my weight. No woman needs to be criticized in that moment - criticisms about having sex with me is like 'having sex with a skeleton.'

On still loving Russell: I love him to this day and miss him terribly. I got out way too late. I hope by others hearing the story they may get out sooner. When I wrote Hiding From Reality, I wanted it real and honest. Some of it was difficult to write.

On the lasting scars of abuse: I think you can see my eye has healed, but these things are going to stick with me a long time and sometimes, the emotional can hurt worse than the physical almost.

What do you think of Taylor Armstrong releasing a memoir?


Why do everyone hate Taylor, if you have never been abused, then don't judge her. Don't you realize that if she would have spoken publicly about her abuse he probably would have beaten the crap out of her. She feels free to talk about what happen now. No one deserves to be abused. Just because Russell is dead, it doesn't make him any less guilty. We may never know the real reason Russell is dead. As a former victim of abuse, I can tell you that you are afraid to leave because your self esteem and spirit is so low that you really don't think you can make it on your own I could not leave my husband, I don't know why. All I know is that I hated myself because I could not leave. I loved him on the good days. what saved me was, he died of a heart attack. Don't be so mean, it is never ok to minimized the pain someone has endured from any form of abuse.


She lies in her book about her dad being abusive to her mo,


She's just telling her side of the story. I don't think it's anything worth getting upset about. Any competent person should realize something bad happened to Russell. Neither one of them nor Bravo has done anything insensitive or inappropriate that anyone but the family should get mad about. And the family would probably be pissed about anything she did. I back her. By the way those poll choices are dumb. Not even an option for it's fine and I don't think Russell should burn in hell?!?


She has absolutely no soul. I feel horrible for Russell's "real" family. He has other children and what this book must be doing to them. They are still grieving hard. It's all about Taylor and I don't believe for one second she is doing this for battered women. I have watched all seasons of this show and she is a liar, a manipulator and a narcacist. Boycott this book!


After watching Taylor on Bravo last night - can't believe Andy even had her on there - she is repulsive. She is an embarassment to women who has really gone through abuse. Bet she will use the proceeds from her book to try and fix her face before she donates a dime to real victims.


She really just needs to zip it. I can't believe Andy had her on Bravo last night. It's all about the money with her. She spent all Russel's! She brought him down.


Honestly if she reslly loved that man.........Wth?????
Love isn't Legs Open Very Easy but trust and honesty.......Love is compassionate.........if he really abused her, she wouldn't be alive right now! Heck she'd have divorced him not act widow wife!!!!!


For clarification purposes,
*I believe that abuse in any form is a serious allegation and should be taken seriously. Since 1995 and The Simpson Trial victims have been encouraged to step forward and the abuser be recognized. Telling the world how her husband responded to her on a sexual level should have been saved for a therapist's couch instead of sharing something so private with the rest of us. Ms. Armstrong continues to demean her own self and would be a welcomed guest if you were serving a lunch of Tea and Sympathy. Signing off on this topic!!


Considering the fact that her husband committed suicide less than a year ago, and considering the fact that she has a young daughter who may Not have begun to come to terms with her father being gone, Taylor is a woman/mother who is all about herself. The ink was Not even dry on the death certificate when Taylor came out with the claim that she was a battered woman. If she was so secretive when Russell was alive, and could have answered these terrible charges of spousal abuse,why is she so open about it Now that he is deceased. Taylor Armstrong and her *infamous lips may be 1 topic, but she could Never be mistaken for a grieving widow, Nor a caring mother protecting her child from what could possibly be the most traumatic year of her 5 year old Kennedy's life!!

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