Tabloid Makes Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins! Both Boys! Yay!

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Angelina Jolie's life sure is a roller coaster these days.

In the tabloids, anyway. Just yesterday, she was headed to rehab after a heroin relapse, having withered away to 99 pounds. Today? Pregnant with twins! Again!

Whenever Angelina and Brad Pitt appear together, there's a tenderness and joy in their shared glances - and it has nothing to do with his Oscar nod for Moneyball.

Now, for the second time this month, a tabloid has reported that Angelina is pregnant. This time, it's OK! doing the honors, and she's expecting twin boys! OMG!!

Angelina Jolie: It's Twins!

"They were both sp overjoyed at how quickly Angie became pregnant this time," says a confidante. "They said that it showed that this pregnancy was 'meant to be.'"

Aww. Just imagine if she actually were pregnant.

But when Angie's latest ultrasound revealed there were two heartbeats, well, they couldn't believe it: "They were totally shocked," says the source. We'll bet!

No word if Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, 5, and Knox and Vivienne, 3, have heard the fake news, or if they're still pressuring dad to marry mom.

Either way, "They are struggling to keep it a secret. They are totally excited and buzzing, but have only spilled the good news to close friends and family."

And, via this fake source, O freaking K! magazine.


I bet these dinosaurs are glad there are nannies to take care of all the kids lmao.Btw, they can't get married for awhile cause they need something to keep them in the public eye after all angie and brads sperm and eggs dry up soon!! lmao, these two are such a joke!!


Omg if it bothers you so fucken much, get out of here , yay that's good or even great they're having twin boys, I'm overly happy for them , okay yea Whitney Huston died well fuck it's not our fucken fault she over dosed . !!!! Gtfo if your not going to support Jolie-Pitt!!!


This is crazy who cares if brangie r having more kids Whitney Houston is dead today marks the 1 year anniversary of Detective John Falcone's death from the city of Poughkeepsie police dept when he lost his life to save a 2 year old little girl who's father just killed her mother he was shot in the head n died a true hero these young talented stars r dead from drugs n all these mags talk about is brad n Angie Jen n Justin who cares we live in the real world n have to deal with real issues so refect on that not brangie having more kids


I dont believe that she is pregnant,there are pictures of mangie drinking vodka at GG awards. She is holding a bottle of vodka under the table. Brad had to hold her up again.


Ha icnt believe the extent okay goes to get cash just a load of crap.if brangelina was happy why would they waste tym parading their kids like little trophies they are nt the only celebs with kids wats the fuss.and FYI brad is committed to his kids nt angie he endures her&she knows that thats she bot him a waterfall .if he was happy why would he bother abt who is dating jen.he even thinks he still has the vote what a shame


LOL. Jessica, that's priceless...LOL!


So many children! No wonder why they're aging quickly.


Iwish icould've marry angelina!!


this is insane. How do these Magazines get away with writing such c**p.


i wish she was carrying my baby.

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