Symone Black Auditions in Hollywood, Falls Off Stage

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Give American Idol credit for airing a legitimate, soap opera-esque cliffhanger last night.

Or lament the show for exploiting what could be a serious injury to a 16-year old girl.

Either way, the competition concluded its first set of Hollywood auditions not with a high note, but with a thud. Literally, as Symone Black was talking to the judges about why she selected "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" when she took a couple uneven steps and then... WHAM! She fell off the stage and crashed to the floor.

Cue the credits and fade to black as producer Nigel Lythgoe called for a medic. Was this great television? Or a pathetic way for a fading series to try and recapture some headlines? Watch and decide for yourself:




i hope she is o.k.u have a great voice.


Hopefully after medical attention,Symone will be able to land on her feet without the added trauma of stage fright!!


This poor little girl fainted........she got through her song just fine and then her legs just went all wiggly on her and you could see she was going down.......I certainly hope she will be okay and I was also concerned about how this was advertised but then just left it hanging without letting views know all was okay.....I don't know why a TV show would do this but if for ratings, what a shame........


i'm in a cast right now as i fell just getting out of my chair and broke my ankle! my heart goes out to this young lady. i do agree with the comments that it looks like she was about to faint. she wasn't screaming in pain though but she did looked dazed when they put the camera on her. should they have televised this part ? my heart says NO !


Of course she will be ok, if she wasn't then they wouldn't of left it on the show. She might just have a medical condition that we are unaware about.


desiree shut the hell up hoe


uhm all of this is lame ass h


This was actually horrifying to see.....I can't believe the producers just didn't shut down production when that poor girl fell....i blame that weirdo Nigel for keeping this part of the show televised.....I'm sure it was all for the ratings....SO WHAT THE HELL ELSE IS NEW.....DISGRACEFUL.......JUST DISGRACEFUL.....I HOPE THAT POOR GIRL IS OK......


I agree it did look like she was going to faint I'm anxious to watch the show tonight just to see if shes ok

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