Susanna Barrett Defends Daughter, Pageant Industry, Lawsuit Against Media

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No mom wants her 5-year-old daughter being called a "prosti-tot" or other such things. Even if she's partially or wholly responsible for that happening.


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    I don't like the pageants at all. I think they send a very toxic meassge to young girls.Those who threatened Eden are sick jerks. How can you threaten a little child? This world gets crazier every day!


    This isn't about her daughter at all. This is about Susanna using her child to get her own face in the media. She is one twisted, sick individual. Poor Isabella. Who is protecting her?


    Sorry to say, but this is one old looking child!!


    If she is so worried about her daughter than maybe she shouldnt have put her kid on that horrid toddler show just so the mom could get a payout! she is already speaking like shes some huge star, i.e. "there were red carpets and everyone knows shes on a reality show".. WTF?? kids that age should be playing with barbies and dolls. not wearing too much make up and hairspray at that age. i think that toddler show is ridiculous and nobody should be plucking young kids eye brows, and making them into the little "star" that their parents always wanted to be. everyones out to make a buck and thats just what this mom has intended. 30 MILLION.. really? thats a bit over the top. how about ill give her 30 bucks to go F@%# herself!

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