Sorry Newt: Donald Trump Endorses Mitt Romney

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Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney today in Las Vegas, Nev., contrary to earlier reports that he would get behind Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination.

"Mitt is tough. He is smart," Trump said, Romney at his side at a Las Vegas hotel bearing his name. "It is my honor, and privilege to endorse Mitt Romney."

Perhaps not coincidentally, Trump's announcement comes two days before the Nevada caucuses, and 10 days before the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice.

Probably more so the latter.

Mitt and Don

While some questioned whether Romney, a clear favorite in Nevada, would even want the endorsement of Trump, the Republican said he was glad to have it.

"It means a great deal to have the endorsement of Mr. Trump," Romney said, referring to the publicity maven the same way contestants on his show do.

Trump told reporters in Las Vegas ahead of the official announcement that he would hit the campaign trail on behalf of the Republican front-runner.

"Well they'd like me to and I'll do as much as I can," Trump said, adding that he would also consider donating to the Super PAC supporting Romney.

Several media outlets, including CBS News, The AP and The New York Times, erroneously reported that Trump would endorse Newt Gingrich instead.

Trump blamed the Gingrich campaign for spreading that word. Referring to the Gingrich campaign, he said: "They put that out. You know that right?"

If so ... what an epic fail by Newt.


Trump endorsing Mitt is like making your Super Bowl prediction with 30 seconds left on the clock.


I forgot to mention that DonNo Trump has a weird hair do. PEACE!!


TGIF, and Thank you for acknowledging my comment.
*I can deal with DonNo Trump standing Next to Romney and "claiming" to endorse Romney, but seeing the look on Ann Romney's face while Trump was at the microphone was priceless. Nevada,Casinos,Sin City, Showgirls, Gambling Entertainment. With Romney's religious background,it goes without saying that accepting Trump's endorsement inside of a Hotel Casino was without a doubt a way to promote Trump. Considering the fact that No questions were asked after Trump called a press conference to endorsed Romney, I think that Romney has been punk'd by Trump. And I am just saying!!


why would anyone care what this moron thinks anyway? just cuz hes lucky enough to have a ton of money? america needs to look at what this country NEEDS first then start working on what everyone WANTS.


@Leo.... Your comments always seem nice enough, this time is no exception. There would be only one reason I would vote democrat and that is if Obama legalizes gay marriage. I believe in equal rights for ALL. I'm not going to rant about why I dislike Obama because I feel others will do that for me. I will just say that gas prices alone are enough to make me vote Republican. It is getting more insane with Roseanne Barr (green tea party), Ron Paul (libiterian), and Newt (independent). Shows how truly diverse America has become.


Dare I start a feeding frenzy by reminding so many about their New
found unhappiness with The Republican Party and their antics. If people are becoming more and more dissatisfied with "The Elephants" maybe "they" Need to start looking at the man already doing the job better and better each day without all that baggage in his trunk. PEACE!!


The republicans need to get it together. It was everywhere that Trump endorsed Newt. The spliting in their own party will create a democrat win. Get it together! We need a change at the top.


Of course Trump endorses the man who can pay the most for his endorsement ! Those 1%ers stick together.The question is whether the presidency is for sale or do we elect Ron Paul and get back to freedom?


F*** Gingrich needs Nø endorsement he'l Obviously win


2 flip floppers, 1 a multimillionaire, the other a wanna be. Church members must be shaking their heads at the idea that Willard Mitt Romney would walk into a hotel casino to accept an endorsement from thrice married attention starved, weird hairdo wearing Donno Trump!!

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