Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols Break Up

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One Tree Hill is gearing up for its long-awaited series finale and not a moment too soon for star Sophia Bush, who just split with co-star Austin Nichols.

He's the third guy she's dated from the just-wrapped TV hit.

Bush broke it off with Nichols (who plays her husband) "because she didn't think he was the one," explains a close source. "She's moving on."

Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols

The actress married Chad Michael Murray in 2005 and dated James Lafferty in 2009. The final episode of One Tree Hill airs April 4 on The CW.


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I love Sophia Bush, but I think that she needs to stop dating her co-stars because it seems to never work out with them and I would think that it would make working together awkward. I also don't think that if a couple breaks up it should affect the storyline because they are actors and they should just act the storyline out the way it was written, regardless of personal stuff. dating coworkers usually never works out I know from But I have to say I am so glad they did not break up Naley just because Sophia and James got together if they ever really did I not sure if it was ever confirmed they were together, because Nathan and Haley were my favorite couple on the show, they were the only reason that I kept watching the show when Chad Michael Murray left the show because the show lost what it was about after he left. The show was about 2 brothers who develop a relationship through basketball. But I will stop ranting now.


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Sophia and Chad had to continue to do love scenes after they had broken up. Sophia had reported that whilst at work she was a professional and had to do love scenes with Chad regardless if they had broken up. Leyton was always going to be the end result, not Brucas.


Lauren, Mark schwann did say in an interview that he had to change the story because of chad/sophia's break up, and that's why the sudden 180 turnover to peyton happened... He also says that peyton would've married jake, and brooke would've married lucas, but all of that got changed, which is really a shame since brooke and lucas were so perfect together and jake is the only character to really "change" peyton.


They've wrapped filming for good, Elizabeth. Even if the writers were inclined to change the storyline if a couple broke up, which I doubt, there is no way this could affect the episodes that have already been filmed. And I don't think the writers broke Brucas up because of the Chad/Sophia break up, they were broken up for a while before Brucas broke up. Mark Schwann always wanted a Leyton endgame.


Wonder how this will play out on One Tree Hill since they're together on the show...
Unless they plan on breaking them up like they did when she was with Chad?