Snooki Really is Pregnant, Source Insists

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Though she has publicly denied she’s pregnant, sources say trashy Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is indeed with child - and making plans to cash in on the offspring ASAP.

Polizzi, 24, is carrying her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle, and is roughly three months along, the N.Y. Post claims. Star reported this a few weeks back.

Sources say the reality star has already brokered a deal to announce the news on the cover of Us Weekly after she shopped the story to big celebrity magazines.

Snooki Smoking

However, sources tell Page Six that MTV is worried about how to manage the news, given that Snooki’s drunken, idiotic ways just scored her a spinoff with JWoww.

“MTV went into crisis mode after they found out,” said a source. “They’re trying to hide it because it would greatly affect the creative direction of the show.”

The new show has begun taping and focuses on the ladies’ relationship as friends and roommates in Jersey City, N.J., and whatever adventures come their way.

Star reported a few weeks ago that Jionni got Snooki pregnant but that she'd told “only her close friends and family.” But she denied it straight up on GMA.

Since then, Polizzi, who has notably lost at least 20 pounds off of her 4-foot-9 frame over the last year, has started filming her new show in Jersey City.

Pics taken on set shown her carrying large bags to hide her belly. A rep for MTV “doesn’t comment on series in production.” Polizzi’s rep also did not comment.

Stay tuned, and prepare for the collective world I.Q. to possibly drop a bit.

UPDATE: A fairly reputable source, Marc Malkin of E! News, tweeted that a source confirmed the Post story and that Snooki is indeed with child. Goodness.


All this negative talk about Snooki being pregnant is ridiculous.... We all were young and acted crazy Snooki is just broadcasting her crazy ways on tv. Just because she is wild now I'm quite sure when she has her baby she is going to change. So parents who are making negative comments think about your early years before you became good parents, and take the stick out of your ass! Sheesh! * Congrats Snooki *


I think snooki will be a great mom .! Snooki might look like an animal and funny to watch on tv but we dnt know how she really is. She probably acts like that soo she can look good and funny but i bet When she sees the baby she will see how precious the baby is and more likely to stop smoking and be at least a couple years somber


her parents are going to end up taking care of her baby. there is no way she is missing out on another opportunity to make herself look stupid in front of a camera. jionni is going to propose marriage to her, because that's what i would do, and when she shits on him again he's taking the baby and half her bank, what a mess.


she should name the baby Garfield. Why? Because it will be naturally orange and will love lasagna by defult!!!


That poor baby - to have such as her as a mother if her smoking and drinking and fighting don't kill it before it's even born. Praying for it.


Wtf is this girls promblem she's not ready to have a baby she can't even of herself let alone a baby. She way to irresponsible.
Feel bad for, jonnie


hey, snooki are you really pregnent i am 12 years old and i love you jenni and everyone else my friend just posted on facebook that you were and i just wanted to know i know that it is no one bisnesse just you and your boyfriends and close friends and family i hope you and jionni have guiado babies. i know mike might get jelouse but dont worry about him only you and your baby and you boyfriend freinds and family srry mike lolz love you all and just to let you know vinny meet one of my cousins mitch and he said that you were cool i love ya guy i will be waching your show all the time and dont leave mike out because he will get pissed off lolz


I honestly see nothing wrong with her becoming a mother. Sometimes people need things to happen so they can get their life on track, even if they struggle through it on the way. I hope it is Jionnis, and pray that they can stay stable as a family cause they should try and fix all the fighting that goes on before trying to add a baby in the mix. Then again we only see what is on the television nobody knows their lives better than their own. -Amanda


what to name the poor inocent baby? Thinking maybe Jionni Vinnie Mike. That way they are all covered. I hope (and pray) she will be a good mom. It can happen!


I hope its vinnys kid!!!!!

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