Snooki Pregnant, According to Report

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Jersey Shore star Snooki Polizzi is pregnant, according to Star magazine. We'll believe it when we see it, but that's what they're saying in their latest issue.

The reality star and boyfriend Jionni LaValle are expecting, an "insider" says, spilling: “She is pregnant and has only told closest friends and some family.”

Never one to keep quiet, the 24-year-old can’t resist hinting that something's up: “She’s been telling people that she has a big announcement coming.”

Snooki on Jersey Shore

... Possibly a great deal for the poor kid.

Snooki (a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi) will soon be starring in a Jersey Shore spinoff with JWoww ... if they can find a place to film after Hoboken kicked them out.

Wherever it films, Star claims Snooki/Jionni Jr. will be part of the plot.

“They are having to redo the creative direction of her Jersey Shore spinoff because of Snooki's pregnancy,” says the alleged insider of the guidette.

Despite Snooki's weight loss in recent months, the reality star has been dropping clues on social networking sites that she may be in the family way.

“I feel sick,” Snook admitted in a January 25 post on her Facebook page, then later tweeted: “Late night craving... yogurt hits the fricken spot!”

That doesn't really prove much. Much like her craving to get it in, Snooki's odd food cravings can take place at any time and involve any thing.

Then again, that could also explain the pregnancy. Congrats, maybe!

UPDATE: Snooki's rep tells E! News that there is no truth to the rumors and that the MTV star is not pregnant. Snooki herself denied the rumor later.

"I'm not [pregnant]. Does that mean they're calling me fat?" she asked on Opie and Anthony in the morning. "That means that I have a belly, then."

UPDATE, 2/29/12: The rumor has been rekindled, with reports suggesting Snooki really is pregnant and lying about it. Follow the link for details.

UPDATE, 3/5/12: Yup, she's preggers. Yikes. And reportedly engaged, too!


Snooki will be a great mom. Once you become pregnant you change. No one here has the right to judge her or anyone else for that matter. So man up and keep ur mouth shut. I love you Nicole Polizzi


Just in time for the 2012 Apocalypse!


if its jionnis baby then its gonna b the cutest thing eves if its a guy it might turn out a lil wierd if its a girl itll com out with DDs and a hair bump!lol
hope it dont hav a pickle addiction!!!


Jionni had to be the biggest loser ever!!!! She slept with mike and vinny(with vin on tv) and that tool is still with her. It's obvious he just wants to be on tv but who wants to be famous for being snooki's b!tch. Snooki is s trash bag liar and if you are a fan of hers you are retarded and should be put to sleep.


She's a grown woman. So what she parties & drink & fuck a lot. Shit who doesn't fuck when they wanna! And if she is pregnant who are y'all to say she would or wouldn't be a good mom. Hell I know lots of females who don't behave as she does and there terrible parents. Get a life and start judging some real shit that's going on!


Don't make the girl feel insecure. It is rude to say someone is pregnant when the person actually is not.




Vegas has got 20 to 1 odds she doesn't have a clue to who the father is.


It wouldnt surprise me if she was i mean her rep is to screw anything with a penis.that being said lord help this child if she is,she wouldnt make a good mother binge drinking and screwin every man she makes eye contact with!shed probably give the child up so she can proceed to binge drink and fuck...not enough spot light on her so shes gotta get knocked up whats new.....WHORE


I don't think she should have.a kid. if she wasy mom i would be so ashames and embarrassed

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