Should Roland Martin Be Fired for David Beckham Underwear Ad Tweets?

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Exposed body parts from the Super Bowl continue to stir up controversy across the Internet.

With M.I.A.'s immature finger flip causing both NBC and the NFL to apologize, GLADD is now up in arms over comments made last night by CNN contributor Roland Martin.

While watching the Giants victory over the Patriots, Martin Tweeted the following in response to David Beckham's underwear ad for H&M (below):

Roland Martin Tweet

GLADD noticed and wrote back: "Advocates of gay bashing have no place at CNN," to which Martin then replied:

"You're clearly out of touch and clueless with what I tweeted. Way to assume, but you're way off base."

The gay rights organization has since sent around an online petition that pushes for to Martin be fired. It has collected approximately 2,000 signatures so far.

What do you think of Martin's comments? Homophobic? Or just lame and unfunny? Should he be fired?


@T-jones - I don't think GLADD views themselves as a "choice" society. I think that trying to fire the guy is ridiculous though. The guy can voice his opinion I think it has more to do with his celebrity affiliation with CNN that has GLADD concerned about his comments more then his skin color. But then I don't know what their track record is with raising concerns in this regard so I could be wrong.

T jones

As usual, GLADD has gone too goddamn far! What the fuck are the homosexual community trying to do, stifle the world?! And those jackasses are always singling out black males!! I guest they're pissed off now because no one, especially, black people are not buying their hype that being a homosexual is the same as being black!! You sick motherfuckers need to fuck off!! You motherfuckers keep singling out black people because you think that you can get away with exploiting a people who have already been exploited and see what the fuck happens to your twisted asses! Plain and simple, you motherfuckers are not going to get away with comparing a choice lifestyle to the way a person was born, because it is not the same motherfucking thing!!


Whats the big fuss about. All he did was give his opinion.


Roland Martin is No cowardly lion. More than likely while N'Joying the game yesterday he made a comment about Beckham. Tattoos and all, Beckham has No problems revealing himself, and Roland Martin had No problem expressing his opinion on what David was advertising. PEACE!


GLADD needs to back the hell off. Last time I checked, our country still has the right to freedom of speech. I didn't realize the constitution stated anywhere that people had the right to not be offended by a comment or opinion. Our society has become entirely too PC.

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