Should Roland Martin Be Fired for David Beckham Underwear Ad Tweets?

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Exposed body parts from the Super Bowl continue to stir up controversy across the Internet.

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    GLAAD always feel someone is against them. They should GLAD that they are still considered a part of society. Roland Martin is a commentator, it is his job to speak his mind! He was off the clock! Blacks are now watching CNN b/c of Roland Martin. Get rid of him and watch what happens. See if Obama does not win again! I guess he can't joke about anything. You tell me a person who is not gay and has made a comment about gay people, in front of a gay person and still has their job! Leave the celebrities alone!


    There was nothing demeaning about his tweet. Gays are just upset with Blacks for voting against their public policy initiatives. So now they are trying to bully them into supporting their lifestyle policies. Bullying has never worked and won't work here. Regarding CNN, I stopped watching their programs when they hired the disgraced former governor of NYS. They lost all credibility with that hire. Also, why hasn't Don Lemon come to Roland's defense? You can be whom ever you want to be, but always put your community first. This is why it is easy to treat Blacks unfairly with little to no conseqences. We simply don't stick together when it matters. Putting your community first does not diminish who you are, it strenthens you and your community.


    The man voiced his opinion!Being with the same sex is mental illness! They need to go back in the closet! AND stay there, WITH THERE AIDS!


    @Sharon Ann Malone. You ignorant bitch, how dare you call that man a racist when racism is staring your ugly ass in the face a rabid dog that’s ready to pounce on your stupid ass! You didn’t bring your dumb ass on this forum to comment about the alleged comment that Roland Martin made about homosexuals, you brought your ignorant ass here to antagonize me!! Why you self-righteous redneck bitch!!...I want you to keep stalking me, so I’ll have a reason to fuck you up!! So you like fucking with people who you do not know, huh bitch!! I do not give a flying fuck about what you think about my language, because you don’t count, racist asshole!! And how the fuck would you know if I’m in the closet or not?...were you in the closet with me?! What the fuck were you doing in the closet with me? Yeah, that’s what I thought, bitch!! Silly ass racist ho!!


    every group trolls the internet to find something to be outraged about. Its really getting old!


    For someone working in media, how did he figure he could say shit like this and no one would notice. That's pretty dumb. In his response to GLADD, he just says they were way off base, but then doesn't clarify himself. So what DID he mean then??


    Wow. It was a joke and I support gay rights. This particular event GLADD was too sensitive. This is NOT A RACE ISSUE! Clint Eastwood is catching crap for a commercial and he is WHITE!


    I just want to clarify something. Freedom of speech means that you are protected from being prosecuted for what you say. It does not mean that you are protected from being fired for things that you say. He is a representative of CNN and that is why people are upset. Not because he is black. People are certainly entitled to their opinion, but the first amendment does not protect them from being fired for that belief.


    He should be fired for that racist statement. Negros somehow have come to a conclusion that they are above ridicule. not to mention this jones character seems as if she is a closet gay. maybe if she would consider coming out she would feel better and have a higher self asteem. her language is horrible.


    @R. And who the fuck are you, my goddamn overseer?! You really need to pay attention before you go running off on the computer!! Because you are not informing me about a damn thing that I don't already know. So homosexuals don't think that they are that way by choice!...WHAT THE FUCK ELSE IS NEW??!!! You need to stop sticking your hook nose in shit before you get your facts straight!! I know exactly why those assholes' bowels are in an uproar!! Because they can't pull the wool over most of our eyes, (black people, including black homosexuals), over that bullshit that homosexuals are born that way, the same as black people!! Oh, you are way out in left field, and don't comment shit to me unless you know what the hell you are commenting about!

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