Sherri Shepherd Defends Chris Brown on The View, Calls Singer a "Role Model"

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Sherri Shepherd is on Team Breezy.

The View host has been vocal in defense of Chris Brown before, so it's no surprise that she stood up for the star in the wake of this week's Grammy lovefest backlash.

All Brown did was show up at the award show, perform and win. No controversy at all. Yet his mere presence at the event after his 2009 attack on Rihanna upset many.

While Shepherd criticized female fans who Tweet about how they'd let Chris beat them all night (among other things), Shepherd defended Brown from criticism.

He may even be a role model, she says. Why?

"There may be a child in a situation of going through abuse that Chris Brown has gone through. His mother was abused right in front of his very eyes six years before this happened to Rihanna. He used to wet his pants from the fear," Shepherd says.

"He was a victim! He became an offender. He did what the courts told him to do. He went to 52 weeks, a year of domestic prevention counseling."

That's all true, and she makes a strong case. But on the flip side, critics will point to the (perceived) utter lack of responsibility Brown has taken for his actions.

Behind-the-scenes blowups, arrogance and a lack of remorse (real or otherwise) contribute to the lack of forgiveness in people's eyes. Not heartlessness.

What do you think? Is Chris Brown a role model?


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Sherri Shepherd Calls Chris Brown "A Role Model" on The View Feb 14 Full Video


Like someone mentioned before, Rihanna has forgiven him and moved on! Why doesn't everyone else! IT is getting really OLD!


Yes- and Charlie has shit his career away. People don't want to see criminals accepting awards - its that simple. If he was white his ass would not be allowed in the building!


Charlie Sheen can beat as many women he wants, he can even shoot some of them, yet you people keep giving him chances after chances. CB made one mistake and most of you hypocrites don't want to give him a second chance.


suejohnson - Anyone whose words or actions don't align to The Bible is to be judged using The Bible as the tool of judgement. We can forgive, but no one but God can forget. And we are to be discerning, not to be ignorant of satan's devices, or anyone else's, so take your blind forgiveness and hit the road.
An Ordained Christian Minister


A role model for women beaters. Back in my day, we had a name for them; SISSY!!! And they were considered less than man because a REAL man could control himself. Watch this guy! He'll beat another woman one day...woman beaters always do.


Role model my ass. He's an abuser who has shown no remorse for what his actions or the hurt he caused. Shame on the Grammy's for giving him a performance spot and shame on Sherri Shepherd for defending an abuser.


nobody is GOD to judge anyone.....God has 4given n so is i don't know why people keep talking about this been years now for God sake, your drop this topic that's old news...everyone in life makes mistake....if you say he don't deserve second chance and so is you...haters you keep hating why Brezzyyy be doing his thing...TEAMBREZZY 4 LIFE


Niether is Sherri Shephard......a role model I mean!!!!


I wish this young man Chris Brown all the best. some are trying their best to break him like they did MJ, so, as to MJ went into exile. Chris acknowledged and apologized for his actions numerous times, publicly and through his music. I hope he continues his hard work and perseverance to live out his dream(s). The only reason they are keeping this story alive is for their own gratification. surely its not for Rihanna's sake. she forgave him a long time ago.