Sherri Shepherd Defends Chris Brown on The View, Calls Singer a "Role Model"

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Sherri Shepherd is on Team Breezy.

The View host has been vocal in defense of Chris Brown before, so it's no surprise that she stood up for the star in the wake of this week's Grammy lovefest backlash.

All Brown did was show up at the award show, perform and win. No controversy at all. Yet his mere presence at the event after his 2009 attack on Rihanna upset many.

While Shepherd criticized female fans who Tweet about how they'd let Chris beat them all night (among other things), Shepherd defended Brown from criticism.

He may even be a role model, she says. Why?

"There may be a child in a situation of going through abuse that Chris Brown has gone through. His mother was abused right in front of his very eyes six years before this happened to Rihanna. He used to wet his pants from the fear," Shepherd says.

"He was a victim! He became an offender. He did what the courts told him to do. He went to 52 weeks, a year of domestic prevention counseling."

That's all true, and she makes a strong case. But on the flip side, critics will point to the (perceived) utter lack of responsibility Brown has taken for his actions.

Behind-the-scenes blowups, arrogance and a lack of remorse (real or otherwise) contribute to the lack of forgiveness in people's eyes. Not heartlessness.

What do you think? Is Chris Brown a role model?


The only people I can think of that would make lite of this and pretend that a 23 yr. old has learned a lifelong lesson for something he did 3 yrs. ago- those are the words of a fool. Maybe people who have committed the same crime are the ones that see this as a simple little mistake. The way you put these Celebrites on a Thrown is truly amazing. You act as if you know them & you think that they give a damn as to who you are. Women for whatever reason are no longer seen to deserve respect. People tend to accept this violent behavior.. The General Public can't get away with anything and you covet him? Amazing! He is catering to a young audience who will follow any popular trend. Then he fades to Black.- looking forward to that day. Yet you will continue to support.


Do you know who CAN judge people? JUDGES! And a JUDGE found him guilty of beating a woman. He is a stupid little bitch! He never showed any remorse or did anything whatsoever to show the public that he has changed or has learned anything from his "mistake". I can't believe people call it that! A mistake is when you put a red towel in with the white load or call a wrong number. You can't call beating a woman bloody a "mistake". It's a crime. He committed a violent crime and was convicted. He is a role model for no one, unless you are aspiring to the role of bitch ass punk twat.


This can be solved very easily. We will judge no one and go to the "eye for an eye" system. So if he lays hands on someone, she gets to do it back. Oh, not politically correct?? Like I care.


@ piss pete whatever ur crazy name is. I wasn't commenting to you, it was only to HEA. Wait! Unless you are using a different user name, just to get ur shilly comment across. I never miss quote the bible honey, for ur infro HEA was the one twisting up some things from out of the bible. It is sad that people can point the finger at somebody else doing, but can't see their own doing.


There are soo many celebrities that make mistakes, even the greatest dead or alive. No abuse ain't right but it goes both ways as well. It can also be done by a woman both physical and verbal. There r a lot of unanswered questions about this old ass situation and no one can answer but chris brown nd rihanna. Y'all are still dwelling on some shit in 2009 and they have since moved on. The whole thing is ridiculous... this wasn't the first or last time abuse has happened. Chris Brown is human just like everybody else and as humans we are not perfect. A bad situation can lead to a great outcome; especially in this business;... its been proven sooooooo many times... yet people still rant on about old shit.


@Neci- I would like it if you would drop your computer in the Bathtub! You make absolutly no sense a tall! You ramble on - misquoting scripture!


Wow HEA, you are a true stalker lol! Using and twisting the words out of bible, make you unholy person. How would you like it when i judge you?


While I would definitely not call him a role model because he has not taken responsibility for his actions, I do agree that people could learn from him and many people do become abusers when they've seen/experienced abuse and yes, he did take steps to help put it behind him. We shouldn't down his music because he made a mistake, however, having said that, I do not think he should have won nor should he have performed twice (which is what many people hated... when an amazing performance like The Civil Wars was cut to one minute and he was allowed two performances and the Nicki Minaj debacle was allowed, you know something is wrong with whoever set up these performances)


Did everyone forget that glen campell was also a abuser!!!!!!


I believe in second chances. I'm glad that he was at the Grammy's and that he won. As for being a role model I just can't agree with that. Just because he deserves a second chance doesn't mean he deserves to be a role model-this is 2 different things & I think the pole should have been more like Does he deserve a second chance? or Do you think he's a role model? With the answers being Yes-he's a role model or No he's not a role model? The way they have the answers I can't answer because I do think he deserves the second chance BUT he's not a role model.

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