Sherri Shepherd Defends Chris Brown on The View, Calls Singer a "Role Model"

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Sherri Shepherd is on Team Breezy.

The View host has been vocal in defense of Chris Brown before, so it's no surprise that she stood up for the star in the wake of this week's Grammy lovefest backlash.

All Brown did was show up at the award show, perform and win. No controversy at all. Yet his mere presence at the event after his 2009 attack on Rihanna upset many.

While Shepherd criticized female fans who Tweet about how they'd let Chris beat them all night (among other things), Shepherd defended Brown from criticism.

He may even be a role model, she says. Why?

"There may be a child in a situation of going through abuse that Chris Brown has gone through. His mother was abused right in front of his very eyes six years before this happened to Rihanna. He used to wet his pants from the fear," Shepherd says.

"He was a victim! He became an offender. He did what the courts told him to do. He went to 52 weeks, a year of domestic prevention counseling."

That's all true, and she makes a strong case. But on the flip side, critics will point to the (perceived) utter lack of responsibility Brown has taken for his actions.

Behind-the-scenes blowups, arrogance and a lack of remorse (real or otherwise) contribute to the lack of forgiveness in people's eyes. Not heartlessness.

What do you think? Is Chris Brown a role model?


I think it is about time we let this go. How long are we to crucify this man for his actions and put Rihanna up on a pedastal? I remember reading an artical in a magazine a very long time ago that mentioned how hot headed rihanna was. This tabloid in particular said that she hit her own brother in the head with a bottle. Then I remember her on Ashton Kutcher's punk, Does anyone recall how she treated a kid when she thought the cameras wasnt on her? But shes a role model eh? Chris Brown is great at what he does. He is a very talented writer, singer, dancer, and actor. These are the qualities that an artist that is nominated and wins a grammy should possess.


Sherri Shepard is by far the weakest link on The View. She is also a stupid k.unt. Its no wonder that the other View women hate her.


Sherri is an incredibly stupid bittch. She's ALWAYS running her big black trap trying to score points with others in the entertainment industry. The View ought to just fire her, she brings NOTHING to the table. Chris Brown? Black scum.


Sherri Sheppard is a racist idiot. If it was a white guy beating up on his girlfirend, then she would not be defending him. I watch THE VIEW on a daily basis and she is always blasting her big mouth about racism. Since Chris Brown is African American, then she is going to be up his butt and defending him.


Yes I have - I even read the part- EYE for an EYE


@piss ball, have u ever read the whole bible? If not, we don't need to comment at all.


@quan............ Very Well said!


to the people (white ) who seem hell bent on destroying chris for a mistake. i say look at the hundreds of kids being absused by men. it is worst that a man hitting a woman. there are no takers on that issue. rihanna has since moved on has spoken well of her former mate and has moved on. as she said did chris beat any one of u. leave it alone she is happy she does not want any help in getting her life together. those pompous , self righteous bigots need to leave the man alone. they are so racial. rihanna has forgiven and moved on. it is time that they stop pretending to help rihanna when they r attempting to destroy a talent. how many men and boys have they assaulted. most of them r lesbians and peadophile and hate a healthy heterosexual relationship.


@Neci- your last sentence of your message? Live by that! It's for you & dont even act like u no The Bible.


He is a Role Model for the people that have NO HOPE! The Grammys should be embarrassed for having him on at all. beat that girl just before the Grammys 3 years ago. If he was you- your stupid ass would still have a Felony and be in jail for Assault! Get out of here with that crap!

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