Sherri Shepherd Defends Chris Brown on The View, Calls Singer a "Role Model"

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Sherri Shepherd is on Team Breezy.

The View host has been vocal in defense of Chris Brown before, so it's no surprise that she stood up for the star in the wake of this week's Grammy lovefest backlash.

All Brown did was show up at the award show, perform and win. No controversy at all. Yet his mere presence at the event after his 2009 attack on Rihanna upset many.

While Shepherd criticized female fans who Tweet about how they'd let Chris beat them all night (among other things), Shepherd defended Brown from criticism.

He may even be a role model, she says. Why?

"There may be a child in a situation of going through abuse that Chris Brown has gone through. His mother was abused right in front of his very eyes six years before this happened to Rihanna. He used to wet his pants from the fear," Shepherd says.

"He was a victim! He became an offender. He did what the courts told him to do. He went to 52 weeks, a year of domestic prevention counseling."

That's all true, and she makes a strong case. But on the flip side, critics will point to the (perceived) utter lack of responsibility Brown has taken for his actions.

Behind-the-scenes blowups, arrogance and a lack of remorse (real or otherwise) contribute to the lack of forgiveness in people's eyes. Not heartlessness.

What do you think? Is Chris Brown a role model?


role model yeah right,she got to be kidding.


No way!!!!! Roll model may a@@!!! You are slime if you hit a woman!! No second chances with this one!


SHERRI NEVER SAID SHE CONDONED HIM HITTING RIHANNA! But lets be honest, 3 years is a long time to hold a grudge when YOU weren't the one that got hit on. They had a physical altercation... she hit him and he hit back, it happenes. But anybody with common sense knows that Rihanna forgave chris 2 years ago. Hell hes been piping her since they dropped the restraining order in early 2011! We are spending so much time waiting for him to apologize to us the public that we forget whose forgiveness he really needs.... God's, Rihanna's and his own. Get off that mans Nuts and move the fuck forward for your own good.


Any man that beats on a woman deserves no kind of respect or break of any kind. I don't care if he is black or white. He should be put away.Probably using drugs(BROWN)


Dawn George.For Sherri from The View to condone what Chris did to Rihanna is a shocker.How dare she stick up for a wife beater.His temper is completely out of control.I know that once a wife beater always a wife beater.He should not get a second chance to hurt or maybe even kill another woman.And to give this sicko an Award was a slap in the face to all woman.Sherri is a joke on The View.Get rid of this person that drools after every male actor that comes on the show.She is a disgrace.If she's a christian I'm Mother Theresa.


3 years since it happened? he is 23. he tweets. he lives the rapper life. how in the hell can you honestly say that anyone has changed in this short time period. now if his ass was 33 yeah- ok.


Sherri Shepherd thinks Chris Brown would make a good role model for abused children??? I think Chris Brown needs to slap some cents into that small brain of hers. I love how she calls what he did "a mistake". No Sherri, a mistake is leaving your cell phone at the market. This was "a choice", to be more specific, it was a "Felony Assault Charge". His story is the plot behind every movie on Life-Time. It would be extremely optimistic for anyone to think that an entire childhood of physical and emotional abuse can be magically cured through attending only 52 court ordered domestic violence classes? Chris Brown is a sick individual and without some kind of therapy, he is doomed to repeat the same abusive behavior over and over again.


This comment below is not true. Sherri is NOT a racist at all. She has a lot of white friends and her Nanny is white. So stop this. She is actually a sweet lady. She wasnt defending him, she was saying to forgive and move on, something that any good psychiatrist would tell you. Now who is the real idiots? Someone that is bashing this lady for speaking he opinion and calling people a racist that you don't even know. Grow up CS
February 15th, 2012 12:15 PM
Sherri Sheppard is a racist idiot. If it was a white guy beating up on his girlfirend, then she would not be defending him. I watch THE VIEW on a daily basis and she is always blasting her big mouth about racism. Since Chris Brown is African American, then she is going to be up his butt and defending him.


I was listening at the view and she DID NOT at one time call this man a role model. What liars. She was livid when he hit Rihanna and being a christian she said what she SHOULD have said. FORGIVE THE MAN! You without sin cast the first stone. GET A LIFE!


Chris Brown is as low class and disgusting as his latest comments. He will not change because he feels he has done no wrong.

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