Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo Of...

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Selena Gomez has some fresh ink on her wrist.

The singer stopped by Under the Gun tattoo parlor in Hollywood last night and employee Jordan Sandoval Tweeted a shot of his work on Selena's body: a tiny little heart just under her right forearm.

Selena Gomez Tattoo

"She was excited...she wasn't nervous. She is way cute," Jordan Tweeted along with the photo, adding that Gomez "took it like a champ" and didn't mention if the heart was in honor of someone in particular.

But we all know the answer to that question, don't we?

Selena's boyfriend is no stranger to do body art himself. Justin Bieber made headlines in January for his Jesus Christ tattoo.

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All you dumbasses that are getting tattooed have no idea how sorry you will be later on in life. Stop the madness. It is trashy behavior. End of story! If you don't believe this, just look around. Look at old movies. Other than World War 2 vets, no one has tats. Even the drug enduced rock stars of the 60's and 70's that over-dosed didn't have tattoos. Nowadays, every punkass has tats. Chris Brown should be enough to steer any young whipper-snapper to decide against getting a tat. Afterall, he is a scumbag.


Its a tattoo not a felony....she could be doing alot worse things like drugs. To all you people that say ur kids look up to her n shes to young to be "marking" her body like this, shes legally old enough to get a tattoo n its her body so chill the f*** out. I have tattoos and im a good person...the only difference between people with tattoos n people with out is people with tattoos dont care if you dont have tattoos


Wow. You people need to be a lot less narrow minded. Seriously. Just because this article says the tattoo has something to do with Justin Bieber, doesn't mean it actually does. These articles are almost always a far fetch from reality. And saying she's too young for body art?? Please!! The girl is almost 20 years old and is def old enough to do what she wants with her body!! Lighten up people! It's not like she got the name JUSTIN BIEBER tattooed on her! It's a TINY heart! Relax!


Had I known that marking oneself was going to become such a fad, I would have become a dermatologist that specializes in laser surgery. Face it, tattoo removal is huge business and will become even bigger as these young idiots grow up and realize how trashy it really is. When forearms and calves begin to look like wet newspapers they will begin to wonder what they were NOT thinking about so many years ago.


I like little tats! I am not a fan of lots of body art on ur body and big body art.. I would only want 1 or 2 really small ones like Selly


I'm not against tattoos on other people. But in my world, putting an identifying mark on your body is just not smart. Anyone watch DTBH?


It could also be for her sister who was never born.
Why do people just assume. There is nothing wrong with tattoos. A little heart on your wrist? Oh. What a BIG thing. People go wayyyy overboard with reactions nowadays. Yup.


It could also be for her sister who was never born.
Why do people just assume. There is nothing wrong with tattoos. A little heart on your wrist? Oh. What a BIG thing. People


It's not that it's bad, it's just that it is barely visible.
But hey a tattoo is on your body, and some people want to keep it small and simple so it wont effect their career.
I am not a fan of how small it is, or the placing, but to each their own.


I love it how ppl will write "who cares" or bashes ppl, apparently u cared enuff to look, read n comment on it. Anyways she too cute good to start of small n if she wants more or bigger then shell work her way up