Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Kim Jong Il Ashes on Ryan Seacrest [Video]

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Sacha Baron Cohen just kicked the 2012 Academy Awards in the ash.

Arriving on the red carpet dressed as Admiral Aladeed - his character from The Dictator - the actor chatted up E!'s Ryan Seacrest for a bit before bringing attention to the urn in his hands, which Cohen said contained the ashes of late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il.

“It was his dream to come to the Oscars and to be sprinkled on the red carpet and over Halle Berry’s chest again,” the star said, before "accidentally" spilling the ashes all over the E! News host.

See for yourself and decide: A hilarious gag? Or a lame cry for attention?

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What a jackass! I'm not a big fan of Ryan Seacrest either-but no one deserved that. The Academy is to blame for this as well & they should give Ryan a public apology-they should have banned him from the ceremonies to begin with. They said they were going to and then they back pedaled afterwards & said they never said that. Next time don't send him an invite & make sure that he can't get anywhere near the red carpet or inside the theater to being with. Poor Ryan-but he did handle it like a pro & just kept doing his job. He's gained my respect for that.


I know that Cohen thinks he's really funny while, at the same time, he also believes he is making some sort of editorial-forward sophistocated, intelligent statement.
But in this thinkers mind Cohen trying WAY to hard and I fail to see the humor in furthering one's career at the expense of others. Once is innovative and thoughtful but after a while Cohen is appearing almost desperate. I am not a fan of Ryan Seacrest but Cohen's alter-egos are becoming predictable and annoying.
Grow up and do something new or else just go away.


In VERY poor taste. There was no humor in this, it was crass and completely ignorant.


Ryan Seacrest showed true class in how he handled that episode. It was rude and crude but he made the best of it. Very professional on his part.


I love Sasha C but didn't get the whole stunt It would have been nice if he had just been his self.... As far as Ryan C goes he's just an other tv host he was just doing his job


Staged. It was obvious to me, knowing Sasha's characters that the ashes would go flying. Seacrest recovered admirably. I'd have punched his (Sasha) ass, or at least shoved him if it were me. Bad publicity stunt that will be forgotten soon enough. @ Lamar, show ewe write!


Well, FINALLY Ryan Seacrest got the SCHMUCK award. He knew that Cohen was BANNED but he was VERY HARD UP to even TALK to him. Bravo Cohen, you made an A$$ outta the Seacrest.


did not find any humor in somebody throwing powder on a person finely dressed for such an important event.


Ryan Seacrest is so very anally retentive. He pretended eventually that it was funny ha ha. But his body language just showed his displeasure. Why couldn't he just laugh extremely out loud, made it funny for everybody and taken the joke. I wish Cohen threw it on his hair that's always so in place. Like Ken of Barbie. it's strange that Hollywood will dish up the greatest filth for us to see but a really (paling by comparison) little joke need bodyguards and sour puss host. Why is he so self conscious? He himself makes money out of complete trash which is just the worst influence on our daughters (the Kardashians - don't they belong to this person?), so lighten up when really it's very innocent. Crikey Moses.


I'm glad Sacha made the red carpet and saved it from too much seriousness.! and judging from Ryan's face he can take it..