Ron Paul: "Zero Chance" of Dropping Out of Presidential Race

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Campaigning in Nevada in advance of tomorrow's Republican presidential caucus, Ron Paul talked to CNN's Joe Johns about his prospects in the Silver State and beyond.

Paul said the caucus format works to his advantage because it rewards organization and enthusiasm, rather than strictly money, which gives Mitt Romney a huge edge.

The Texas Congressman, whose financial situation is still better than most, lamented that his resources limited any chance against Romney in a big state like Florida.

How well he'll do in Nevada remains to be seen, but Paul says he will continue his goal of accumulating delegates and that there is "zero chance" of him dropping out.

Watch his cordial interview with the network below:


Hope Henry,
Ron is not a petty little man and is not egotistical...his point in staying in the race is to amass delegates in order to influence the parties platform. He will exact a promise to incorporate the principles he holds dear into the stated goals of the republican party. That will make the party closer to the principles it was founded on...instead of the other side of the same democrat coin it has become.


If Ron Paul is egotistical enough to run as a third party (he himself admitted he could not win), we will have four more years of Obama, whose administration is breaking our laws in the pursuit of destroying our nation. If Ron Paul runs, he will prove himself to be a petty little man, who does not care about his country. The fact that he is still in the race, after stating that he didn't have a chance to win, shows that he is either in it for ego purposes or financial gain, which does not make him a hero by anyone's standards, except maybe Obama, who (I am sure) loves the guy for what he is doing.


RP2012!!!! To the bitter end, United we stand, Divided we fall!

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