Roland Martin to Meet With GLAAD in Wake of CNN Suspension

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CNN's Roland Martin announced last night that he will meet with GLAAD in the wake of his suspension from the network over his "regrettable," homophobic tweets.

Martin was suspended by CNN indefinitely Wednesday afternoon after the controversy surrounding Tweets he fired off during Super Bowl XLVI Sunday evening.

Among other things, he said that people should "smack the ish" out of any male fans of a David Beckham underwear commercial. Controversy erupted quickly.

Martin Tweets

CNN, which was also criticized for its delayed response, took three days to respond to the calls by GLAAD and others to fire Martin or to address his tweets.

When it did, it called the statements "offensive" and against what the network stands for, adding that Martin would be off the air "for the time being."

Martin did not directly address his suspension Wednesday. But he tweeted two messages to his followers (above) detailing his plans to meet with GLAAD.

For its part, GLAAD lauded CNN's stand on Martin but also welcomed the political analyst's apology and offers to meet with and work with the group.

Does the suspension go far enough? Should Martin be fired?


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Carla, I agree. Blacks will never turn on each other. They have no understanding of right and wrong. Don Lemon should have called Roland Martin out on his gay homophobia.


Gays have been short changed for years. America has spent their time and energy in protecting not gays but other groups who have no interest in bettering this country. CNN realizes that Blacks also should be held accountable just like their white counterparts. It amazes me how this race can be so outspoken when they are offended yet so quiet when they are accused. Don Lemon who is gay and black has yet to be heard from. He is outspoken on every other subject but in terms of his race being judgmental of his own sexuality shows clearly where his loyalty lies. He is another journalist who has a rubber spine.


@Ray E. why don’t you cut a trail? You’re the riot inciting racist! Commenting about me! Look at your ass! You ain’t too bright your damn self!! Ignorant bastard!


@AllinB. That’s what you think! This is America. You can file a lawsuit against anybody for any damn thing. But I do agree with you on the fact that Martin did yield under pressure from CNN, but also GLAAD as well. I would have respected Martin more if he would have stood firm in his convictions. Because he did sell out to both CNN and GLAAD. And even though Martin is a public figure, he is entitle to his rights to privacy and free speech. In spite of the fact that famous people are under a lot more scrutiny than the rest of us common folks. I believe that Martin said what he said because he did not think that he was doing anything wrong and I agree with him. That’s why I don’t think that he should have ‘shut the fuck up’ as much as he should not have backed down after he had innocently made the comment about David Beckham in that draws commercial!!


@Nalia. ignorant racist!


Obviously this Jones- has big issues. If she is smart she will "cut a trail" to somewhere. I'm guessing- she is not that smart.


Blacks seem to forget the small print when reading about Free Speach! Yes- You have the Freedom to Speak! You will also suffer the consequences after your finished! When it comes to Equal Rights - be carefully what you ask for!


roland has his fat black ass fired - hahahahahaha!!! hilarious! black folk got to realize that now that they pushed this political correctness bullshit on everyone, they, too, will reap consequences if they speak ill of others. hope your ass stays unemployed, roland! hahahahaha!!!


He can't sue anyone. Both parties have the freedom to say what they did. Roland Martin caved to GLADD pressure as well as CNN. If your going to say something be ready to stand by it. Otherwise, STFU!


CNN should have never hired Roland's homophobic black ass. Black people just don't know how to properly conduct themselves in a professional manner. Firing him was the best decision they could have made.