Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Caught Canoodling!

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Ready for a look at Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart like you've never seen them before?

Earlier this week, Rob (his buzzcut) and Kristen attended the birthday party of actor Scout Taylor-Compton, where they proceeded to cozy up in one of the more natural, simple embraces we've seen between the typically-private pair.

A fellow attendee snapped this photo and posted it on Facebook, giving fans one of their most intimate looks yet at the tandem affectionately referred to as "Robsten."

Robsten Photograph

Pattinson and Stewart, meanwhile, are the number-one seed in our couples-based Tournament of THG and have advanced to the quarterfinals as of this posting. Will they finish on top?

Stay tuned!


I don't know about her being stoned or Rob being bored.To me it looks like she's leaning on him and looking down while he talks..or..they're both stoned and or drunk, but they're on their own time so its really none of our business IMO


dear sophia,
Where did you come from? Unless you are currently living in Timbuktu... Have you not heard, seen or read about the much talked relationship in Hollywood? Ever? Ok, pls, goto Google! LOL!


LOL! Marlena, you should be happy for them! Put down that sour grape and green envy and just enjoy the picture! They are just perfect, isnt it? Commitment is written all over them. Cute couple, indeed! Have you seen the pic of their mansion, yet? Its perfect for them. The lush garden around the house is the most beautiful i have ever seen!!


According to various interviews they're only like best friends.


Or who's running after whom...


stewart looks like a stoner and pattinson looks bored. i wonder whose running after who ??


stewart looks like a stoner and pattinson looks board. i wonder whose running after who ??

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