Rih-Tweet: Chris Brown, Rihanna Talk Online!!!

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Holy. Cow. We now have proof that Chris Brown and Rihanna are in contact:

Rihanna Topless, Blonde Haired

He wished her a Happy Birthday on Twitter and she said thank you! OMFG!

Right around midnight this morning, Brown took to his Twitter to write "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!" - Robyn Fenty being Rihanna's real name - to the birthday girl.

Rih, who was physically assaulted by Chris in 2009, but has since warmed up to the star again to some degree, responded "Thanks!" and re-tweeted the message.

Rih Tweet

No doubt about it, girl's friendly with her ex again.

While Chris attended her b-day bash last week, there's no proof of them together since his peeps slapped anyone with a camera with a confidentiality agreement.

He didn't want pics of him with her to get out, but evidently has no qualms about sending along a public Twitter birthday wish, and she has no problems responding.

The restraining order against Chris has been lifted, so this isn't shady at all.

The birthday message comes as rumors continue to swirl about the two collaborating on a remix for one of their new singles ... fittingly called "Birthday Cake."

Rihanna turns 24 today. Chris, who is still dating Karrueche Tran (and living with her, we're told) despite the Rihanna romance rumors, will be 23 in May.

Still, we ask: Should Rihanna and Chris get back together?


Even know I love chris brown but they ain't no match rihanna his taken so bye bye


I like rihanna


hay riri send me some sexy messages xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


NO!! THEY SHOULD NOT GET BACK TOGETHER. DHE IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE FOR HIM. he did something rong he nows that he is humman we all do something rong but we love and for give him i now i do!!


i luv chris and rhinnah and they should go bakc together and i dont think people should get in there way and chris there is no point of you dating some one else if you have feelings for her so just date her


hi a am a big fan of katy perry


i love u both i really !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope yall get back in a relationship i know chris fuck up but at the same time he is a change men an he know what he want an rihanna go for it!!! iam not saying what he did is not wrong but yall look good with eachother he was a lil boy at the time got a lil hot headed smh !! an for the plp keep talking about what about the kids !!! take care ofyr on an rise them rite they dont have to do what happen to them just teach them not to do it thatz all dont put eveything on there fuck ups that yr own they are grown an can do what they want so rihanna if u read this girl follow yr heart iam still yr biggest fan an chris brown that boy look good azzzzzzz hell keep that !!!!!!!!

@ keisha bertrand

I like Rihanna but I couldint pick out of us 2 because us are both geed


I do not care either way......But if she does, she will be sending the wrong message.........to the people who supported you and to the young ladies whom she inspired..... She will be backsliding. Simply said..... Awww, the pressure of being in the spotlight. (lipsmack) Be careful what u ask for....


A women BEATER-enough said


She looks like a crackhead.

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