Rihanna and Chris Brown Remixes: Too Soon? Too Much? Too Hot?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborated on a pair of remixes recently, a surprising move considering all that transpired between the former lovebirds.

The 2009 Grammys marked the beginning of a domestic violence drama that revealed a darker side to Chris' relationship at the time with Rihanna.

But nearly three years to the day he beat her senseless, Brown, 22, and Rihanna, 24, are again spending time together - musically and personally.

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The former couple, whose friendly behavior is no secret on Twitter and in person, hit the studio last week to record parts on each other's songs.

The remix of Rihanna's single "Birthday Cake," featuring Chris Brown, lacks no shortage of sex appeal – not to mention some very NSFW lyrics.

"Girl, I wanna f--k you right now," sings Brown, whose return to the Grammys sparked controversy. "Been a long time/Been missing your body."

While Rih doesn't get as down and dirty with explicit lyrics on Brown's remix of "Turn up the Music," she suggests a rather revealing message.

"I love you, baby," she sings.

Rihanna clearly does not care about any public response to her being with Chris again, but singing with him and dating him are different things.

So far, there's no indication that they're back together, despite the rumors of them hooking up numerous times. But it makes you wonder.

What do you think of their remixes - and the fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown are collaborating with each other in general?


Men beat up their women all the time and the women wear sunglasses, use plenty of makeup and keep it moving; Rhianna told on his ass and got him arrested because he took it, too far.


I hope Chris Brown and Rihanna will get married one day and have a family. I admire the both of the two equally.


i think rih and chris get back 2gether isnt disrespecting themselves its what they feel 4 each other that let them b. love is beautiful no matter what kind of person u may b.low class o high class u cant hide it. its high time u who high class dudes mind ur damn biznes and leave the two be. if the two werent meant 4 each other, this second chance wil prove it. no body messes with will, not even God himself. so i beg u grow up and mind ur relatns 2. who knows u r going thru hell with urs hold ur hate.


Miss D, agree with ya too!! That's my thoughts, Mind your own business..! If they want to try to make it work that's their business...i have enough to do in my life..that i don't need to be taking care of Rhianna and Chris Brown's business..and someone else was right..sounds like a song i wouldn't care for..Chris Brown's comeback music is only passe....not all that!! Pre Rhianna beating..so cool..now, music isn't as good!


Randal, you are sooooo correct!!


pepo butt off we all make mistakes nd chris is doin his best to make himself a beta person nd if rih can forgive him who are u to judge


i always wanted them to get back together. maybe its a little early. i think we all knew it was gunna happen eventually.


Who knows why these two have collaborated but, after Rihanna's public broadcast & warning to her fans soon after the attack, I think she has let herself down and is sending out the wrong signals. I think they are both phenominal performers but they are riding close to the edge by doing this. They are making themselves sleazy and downmarket and are being badly advised. I hope Brown's girlfriend has now finished with him because this is humiliating for her.




I think the whole world needs to get out of their business and get some of their own. I'm glad the two are getting along and recording together. If they like it, I love it, and so should all of you. They might have to live in a goldfish bowl, but you people aren't feeding the fish, so stay out of it.

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