Report: Chris Brown Attends Birthday Party For Rihanna!

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Apparently Rihanna isn't one of Chris Brown's haters.

The pop star, who turns 24 on February 20, threw a small early birthday party for herself Monday in L.A., celebrating at a private home a day after the Grammys.

The party, which was Caribbean themed, brought out 100 of RiRi's closest friends (for a "small" party) including Katy Perry, Bruno Mars ... and Chris Brown?

Oh yes. Sources at the bash tell Celebuzz that Chris Brown was indeed in attendance and that the two singers definitely appeared friendly at the shindig.

Brown, Out

Guests at the soiree were said to be eating cake and drinking Red Bull well into the night and toasted the superstar with Armand de Brignac Brut Gold Champagne.

The report of Chris Brown's attendance - the latest in a series of stories about the two stars hanging out together of late - is sure to please his many loyal supporters.

After all, if they've buried the hatchet three years after Brown's attack on Rihanna, why shouldn't everyone else do the same? He doesn't help the cause, of course.

By lashing out at his critics in a profane Twitter rant - which even his mom is pissed at him about - he merely adds fuel to the fire and takes the focus off his music.

Will he ever keep his temper under control and take the high road? Should he have to? And what do you all think of Rihanna and Chris' friendship? Sound off below.

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I just wish people would STFU already and leave him alone. How long does this young man have to pay for that mistake. He did it when he was young and immature and not without provocation I might add (I know, I know, still doesn't make it right...and I never said it does). But seriously, how long. He was 19, he's only 22 now. Nineteen year olds make mistakes and errors in judgements...sometimes serious ones but he's paid in the eyes of the law, I'm sure he's apologized to Rihanna to no end and she may want to throw in an apology or as well for the part she played. Give the kid a break. He seems like all he really wants to do is entertain and be a normal 22 year old. some of your brothers, nephews, sons cousins and grandsons have never made mistakes in their lives.


As a strong believer in second chances I think people need to back off about their relationship. Whether they're just friends or lovers I hope they work it out because in my opinion they are soulmates and they belong together. RiRi is a grown woman who knows what she wants and is strong and smart enough to make her own decisions.


If he hits her again - and he will - she deserves it. Come at me all you want - I 100% stand behind that statement.

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