Report: Chris Brown Attends Birthday Party For Rihanna!

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Apparently Rihanna isn't one of Chris Brown's haters.

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    I think people should let them be they re free to choose if they still want to be friends,lovers or married couples let's stop hating and wish them the best in life;the shit was a mistake he should be forgiven is up to you boo for now happy bday riri keep rolling and stay controled


    Well as many as there complain dat dis yrng gal hve gote married from chris ok i pray dat god shld protectect them.


    @Julia, we don't even know if Chris ever been in contact with Rihanna. All the infromation that we ever heard from the media was, they were in the club together and them two wasn't near eachother the whole night. And far as with Chris going to Rihanna party, never was any proven photo's of them two kissing and holding hands or as Chris ever showing up to her party. I mean, alot of people can't stand Chris Brown, but they don't need to lie on the guy like that..


    I think that Chris shouldnt go to the praty because it will really cause more drama! And also you may never know what Rhianna is trying to do cuz remember they said that he can bother , harass, or molest her so if your gonna talk to her you better w


    Part of me understands... it's Rihanna's way of getting on top of things and getting her own back. She knows the coward CB won't touch her now. At the same time I think she's being really selfish, because she's putting a message out there that it's OK what Chris did. But I guess it's her business and she has to do what she has to do.


    Chris and rihanna are great together and we should all just wish them well especially in their relationship(I hope it gets better).Congrats Chris on the grammy award and happy B-day Rihanna.Peace and love y'all.


    They are two consenting adults. If Rihanna has forgiven him, then IT IS NOBODY'S ELSE business. That was 2009,(THEN) iT is 2012(NOW). If she likes ABUSE thats her F---en business. Enough of 2009, we all know the story, SO OBVIOUSLY that scandal affected the haters more than them.


    Mek dem live dem life, second chance me say! Hope you two get married in jamaica! It wudda tun up ;-)....just remember my invite.


    She is playing with fire!


    People do need to get a life forreal! Who care's that Chris went to Rihaana party? But happy b-day riri boo, i love you sweetheart as friends..

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