Report: Chris Brown & Rihanna "Dangerously" Close to Reconciling, Friends Scramble to Torpedo Romance

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Chris Brown and Rihanna are dangerously close to getting back together, and not just in the recording studio this time. Their respective camps are not happy.

The singers' friends are desperately trying to keep them apart for their own good, sources say, even though there is an obvious, mutual spark between them.

According to sources, Rihanna is still head over heels for Chris, despite the fateful night three years ago before the Grammys when he left her looking like this.

She claims to not give a damn what people think, but those close to her say if it weren't for the media and her fans, she would already have taken him back.

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Chris, meanwhile, has extremely strong feelings for Rihanna - his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran be damned - and hasn't been shy about hiding them.

Now, sources tell us, Rihanna and Chris' friends are terrified they'll get back together, and they're doing everything they can to prevent a possible reunion.

Friends on BOTH sides are expressing strong reservations to Rih and CB about spending so much time together, saying it's bad personally AND professionally.

But, with Rihanna's birthday party and their two remix duets released this week, friends fear they're fighting an uphill battle and that this is inevitable.

As one source put it, "You can't hold back love." As Rih says in "Hard," "You can say whatever, Im'ma do whatever, no pain is forever, yup, you know this."

Should Rihanna and Chris Brown date again?




Who ar dey foolin,it's nt luv,it's jst sexual attraction,am sure afta some hot sex rounds,overtime dey wld get ova each oda,bt I pray rihana doesn't get beaten 2 death b4 den,seems she luv a savage!


We all knew she was going to go back to him.


Rihanna gets what she asks for. Let her have him again. Just don't come crying this time when he comes up with the same old tricks. She is going into this knowing what he is like. Good luck Rihanna. She obviously has little respect for herself to hang out with trash like him.


I think they should be together. The love they have for each other is undeniable. & if they are happy together that's all that matters.


who give a fuck if they luv each other go for it ,the nest time wend she get fuck up againg don't go making the world hate chris and act like a vitim


I think tht in loire everyone deserve a second chance and the are young adults and I think the media should give them a break when Ike use to beat Tina the media wasn't like this but just because of one stupid mistake he made y'all on him the are each other first love and there is nothing no one can do to change the way the feel for each other . And for those claim there are her friends they are not there are fake friends because a real friend will stand bye her side no matter what and the same foes for Chris friends too


i think itsokay for rih to forgive chris... love is love nd no one can change that. i love them both nd they deserve to be inlove just like everyone else...things like this happen everyday in the hood. i support them both nd think they should get together. I LOVE IT!


Okay when you get your ass kicked or killed I don't think anyone will feel bad for her. It will happen again its just a matter of time. I think Rihanna is a beautiful girl and she can do better. But I guess just because your beautiful doesn't make you smart.


Only 3% of physical abusers change. Not very good odds I'd say.

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