Piers Morgan on Madonna Halftime Show: Gruesome!

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With over 2,100 votes cast, a majority of THG readers thought Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show was at least "pretty good."

But Piers Morgan made it clear during an appearance on Chelsea Lately last night: do NOT count him in this group!

"That Super Bowl performance - it was like watching your mad drunken aunt at Christmas, wasn't it?" the CNN anchor said. "I keep reading all these celebrities tweeting like, 'Wasn't she awesome?' No she wasn't! She was gruesome!"

Morgan, of course, is not an unbiased observer.

He banned the singer from his show last year due to multiple disagreements and incidents, one of which apparently took place at a pub managed by Morgan's brother, which involved then-Madonna-husband Guy Ritchie.

"But at least I've found that I have one common ground with Madonna: neither of us have sung live at the Super Bowl," Morgan joked last night. "She was lip syncing the whole damn thing."

What did you think of Madonna's performance?

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Pierce Morgan is a British tool.I might add that he doesent know real talent either.


Lets see piers morgan opens his mouth and something stupid comes out par fot the course wonder if he knows how bad his show suxxxx


madonna did awesome! And proud to be a Hoosier! Indy rocked the Super Bowl!!! No matter what everyone isnt going to happy. Only downfall was M.I.As middle finger!!! Wish she would shove that finger up her own butt!


Come on! She's MADONNA! She is amazing! Where some stars are a washed-up mess by 25, Madonna looks hot @50-something! I really liked the half time show-it was the first one ever that I didn't switch channels mid-way through!


she is enough old..she should take care of her health like other oldies

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