Phillip Phillips: In the Money Tonight

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On the first live audition show of season 11, American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez tossed out nothing but praise. Every performance was magical, every contestant apparently did an incredible job.

It was pure fluff and rather annoying, but at least the panel got it right with one hopeful: Phillip Phillips.

This crooner covered a Phil Collins classic, strumming his guitar to "In the Air Tonight" and hitting all the right notes. Randy compared Phillips to Dave Matthews, which may have been the only intelligent thing Randy said all night. Watch the performance and judge for yourself...

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Phillip Phillips finally was able to strut his "stuff" with John Fogarty on the show. He is in no way, shape or form impersonating ANYONE!! He kept telling all of us that he was anxious to sing HIS KIND of music. Well, he did and, boy, did it ever come through. As sick as he was, he was able to pull it off. I have a great admiration for him.


For the umpteenth time, Phillip Phillips has listed Dave Matthews as his inspiration! Also, making fun of his name is honestly just childish and lame.


WOW, this guy phillip phillips was BORN into an UNoriginal family, I mean COME ON, his parents couldn't think of another NAME????? REALLY?? wow. Dave Matthews wanna-be, NOT unique. I agree, if he wins, I QUIT! oh, but dumb little pre-teen girls who have no idea who DM is will vote their fingers off! Those are the ones AI caters to anyway, so they will push Phil to win it, so the pre teens can get their moms to buy his lame fake DM music. please.


This kid needs to be called out. If he wants to be Dave Matthews, fine. But to sit there on national TV and be called "original" and a "true artist" is ridiculous and wrong. This kid is a complete Dave Matthews ripoff and is somehow getting away with it. I am outraged by it.


And tonight... Phillip pulls out the 12 string.. I only know one other artist who pulls this instrument out on a regular basis.... guess who people?


Trust me there is no bigger DMB fan than me and I think that Phillip Phillips is awesome. To Chris D. who commented on this page, he does list Dave as one of his biggest influences. All musicians emulate each other and eventually develop a more personalized style. Cold Play is huge and yet they are simply a newer version of U2. The kid is only 20 and the true test will be when we get to hear his own material. I'm not a big fan of John Mayer, but when he was starting out he covered many Dave tunes and had and still has many similar mannerisms, and yet he is considered original. I really don't believe Phillips is trying to rip off Dave intentionally. It seems to me he just feels the music the same way, from his fingers to his toes. There is no doubt he would make a great front man for a DMB cover band, but I would be willing to bet he makes it very big on his own.


Thank you all for confirming that I am NOT losing my mind. This guy should have been rejected from the beginning for imitating a great musician and taking credit for the style. Great imitator. I would much rather hear the REAL talent! I'm disguested with Idol on this one!


Much love to all of you who have put into words exactly how I feel about this poser. The one thing ne would be good at is a DMB cover band. Plain and simple.


All the comments about him being a Dave impersonator are correct. Anyone who doesn't see that does not know Dave Matthews and has certainly never seen him in concert. That goes for the judges too. I love watching Idol, but if if he does not leave soon, I may stop. I can't stand to hear one more time how "original, different, or unique" he is. What an insult to Dave and his band. Shame on you judges, and Phillip for taking credit for someone else's originality, and not even having the courtesy to name him as your "inspiration".


I am so happy to see that I am not the only one who thinks that Phillip Phillips has obviously studied every aspect of Dave Matthews and has him down pat! It is very hard to watch because of what he is doing and i am not sure why these "industry people" dont see it! i wonder how Dave Matthews feels about it. It would be funny if they did a duet on the show. then everyone would see for themselves!