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For about five million "Leaplings" or "Leapers" in the world, today is special. A person born on the quadrennial 29th of February only gets a birthday every four years!

The coolest thing about having a birthday on Leap Day? Becoming a walking, talking conversation piece by virtue of being born. The downside? The other three years.

When do you even celebrate? February 28th or March 1st?

February 29

"Some people say that I should be celebrating on March 1, since it's the day after February 28," says Danielle Fenster, 28, a digital project manager in New York.

"Others, including me, think that I should celebrate February 28 since it's within my birth month; Leap-Year babies call this being a 'Strict Februarian.'"

While federal programs such as Social Security accept it, the free market can be less reliable. Some websites don't list 29 as an option in drop-down boxes.

Facebook, the place most people go to check for or confirm a friend's upcoming birthday, has been strictly ambiguous - and inconsistent - on the matter.

"Every single year, Facebook chooses whatever day it wants - or none at all - and people start wishing you a 'Happy Birthday,'" one Leapling told ABC.

"Because Facebook told them to. Sometimes the 28th, sometimes the 1st, sometimes not at all. It's confusing and more than a little frustrating."

Interestingly, recent Leap Years have seen expectant mothers target the date for their big deliveries if it falls around the 40-week gestational mark.

Leap Day is a frequent birthday for fictional TV characters, even if the number of actual humans celebrating it is four times below average (obviously).

Actual celebrities with a February 29 birthday:

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After more than six years and six children together, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had FINALLY decided to get married - at least according to OK! magazine.

But then a fake disaster struck and torpedoed the fake wedding! Rough!

The hilarious impetus behind calling off the nuptials, according to OK!'s cover story this week? Maddox coming across an article about Jennifer Aniston!

Curious, the couple's eldest son, 10, asked his dad who she was - and Brad told him. That sent Angelina through the roof when she happened to walk in.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Wedding: OFF!

Says the non-existent, well-informed source:

"Brad didn't realize that Angie was home, and so he basically just told Maddox the truth: Jennifer was a woman he loved very much and was once married to"

"But that's when Angelina walked in. She lost it."

"Brad thought he had taken all necessary precautions and never suspected the kids would learn about his past by coming across a story about Jennifer."

The actress, 36, was livid with her partner, 48, for myriad reasons. No more posing with one leg hanging out - that thing is halfway up his ass about now.

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The bar is already set very high for Joshua Ledet.

This season 11 hopeful covered a song by one American Idol icon last night (Jennifer Hudson's "You Pulled Me Through") and was then referred to by Steve Tyler as "Mantasia," a clear reference to season four winner Fantasia Barrino.

Is he worthy of such praise? All three judges gave Ledet a standing ovation after his performance, which led to Randy asking for an "Amen up in here" and adding "this is what singing is about." Do you agree?

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At least this time, she didn't liken her to Auschwitz inhabitants.

Joan Rivers continues to mock Angelina Jolie's one-leg pose Oscars, strapping on a fake leg and going to town on the actress last night on E's Fashion Police.

Having already bashed Jolie at length, Rivers commented on the now-infamous pose again last night, calling it rehearsed, ridiculous and possibly even fake.

She even threw on a prosthetic limb to mock Ange and make her point.

She keeps things interesting, that's for sure. Watch Joan do her thing as the phenomenon that is Angelina leg continues to take over the entertainment world:

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Creighton Fraker is unique. Let's all agree on that. The guy conducted a sword fight with a fire hydrant during his pre-performance montage on American Idol last night.

But give the season 11 contestant credit for embracing his quirks and telling the audience: "You have to be who you are." Fraker then went out and sang the perfect song to go along with that theme: Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors."

"Dude, you can definitely sing," Randy Jackson told Creighton in response. It's clear the panelists want this different looking and different sounding hopeful to remain on the show, but will his act irritate viewers? We'll find out Thursday night. For now, just watch his cover of a 1980s classic:

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According to Steven Tyler, Chase Likens resembles Brendan Frazer and made many "mummies" at home happy last night.

No, really, that was the response the Aerosmith singer delivered to this American Idol hopeful following his live audition of "Storm Warning." Jennifer Lopez, meanwhile, agreed that, yes, Likens has "movie star good looks," which may bode well with the ladies.

But we really hope it isn't enough for Likens to move on to the finals. His vocals really aren't very good. Watch the performance now and see if you agree:

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We've already posted MTV's 16 and Pregnant trailer for Season 4. Now we have your first look at the cast of the new season, premiering Tuesday, March 27.

The U.S. teen birth rate has reportedly declined by nearly 10 percent in the last few years, helping douse criticism that the show is glamorizing teen pregnancy.

However, there are still plenty of cute teen moms for casting directors to choose from, and these 12 high schoolers from across the nation made the cut.

Spoiler alert: There are more cheerleaders than ever!

Lindsey Harrison Picture

1. Lindsey Harrison (above). The model and cage fighter complains that she "cannot do anything I normally would do" after she becomes pregnant. Now 17, she gave birth to daughter Aniyah in October and is still seeing her baby daddy.

2. Myranda Trevino. Almost the high school track star lives in Texas with baby daughter Kaylee Michelle (born in September) and is dating baby daddy Eric.

3. Katie Yeager. Now 17, Katie gave birth to her daughter Molly last August. She lives in Wyoming and appears to be on good terms with baby daddy Joey Maes.   

Mackenzie Douthit Picture

4. Mackenzie Douthit (above). The Oklahoma cheerleader's has a son, Gannon, with her boyfriend, Josh, who has a rodeo accident during her pregnancy.

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Look, we get why the American Idol judges said nice things about Eben Franckewitz last night, despite his mess of a performance. The guy is 15 years old and adorable.

But is there a reason Randy Jackson told Aaron Marcellus he demonstrated "beautiful vocals?" Or Steven Tyler went as far as to say this contestant is "the whole package?"

Watching the hopeful cover the Jackson 5's "Never Can Say Goodbye," we simply saw a generic act with a better-than-average voice and not much personality. It's hard to even imagine Marcellus surviving Thursday's cut, when the top 24 become the top 12.

Are we being overly harsh? Watch Aaron in action now and decide for yourself:

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Jeremy Rosado is a really nice guy. That's what the American Idol judges were telling us over and over last night, with Randy Jackson pointing to the way Rosado comforted many hopefuls during opening auditions.

That's great and all - but it's never a good sign, show wise, when the panel is talking more about your heart than your voice.

Indeed, Jeremy didn't really impress with his vocals on a cover of "Gravity." It's certainly hard to see him advancing over such solid performers as Phillip Phillips and even the theatrical Colton Dixon. But at least Rosado can return to his medical supply job in Florida with his head held high.

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Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska reunited last night in part two of the MTV reality show's time-honored "checkup" with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Last week, in part one of the reunion, Kailyn and Jenelle were in the hot seat. This time it was Leah and Chelsea on the receiving end of Dr. D's burning questions.

What did we find out? Not a lot, but here's our recap!

Corey and Leah Picture

Minus 20 right off the bat because so much has changed in the girls' lives since this show was taped last summer that this feels like watching some other season.

The real reasons for the end of Leah and Corey's marriage: Lack of intimacy. Infidelity. The constant battle with their girls' health problems. Beef hot dogs. Plus 30.

Seriously. This came up. You knew Corey had checked out of the marriage when he came home with beef hot dogs, not "pork and chicken." The horror. Minus 5.

Speaking of pork(ing), Leah cheated with her ex-boyfriend a week before her wedding to Corey, AND at her Bachelorette party with the same dude! Minus 40.

Drew finally persuaded Corey to go to therapy with Leah, and they made such AMAZING progress ... not! She's engaged to some other guy! Timing fail. Minus 10.

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