Nicki Minaj Grammy Performance: Confessions and Controversy

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Did Nicki Minaj take her act too far at last night's Grammy Awards?

Never one to shy away from controversy, the 29-year old rapper kicked off a rendition of "Roman Holiday" by confessing to a fake priest. She then proceeded to put on a show that featured pyrotechnics, backup dancers dressed as monks and a great deal of religious imagery.

Adele, standing alone at a microphone and simply singing, it was not.

Minaj also walked the red carpet, prior to the ceremony, with a guy dressed like The Pope. Fun and different? Or offensive and different? Watch the singer get exorcised on stage now and then decide:

We can expect a statement from the Catholic League to be released at any moment...

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Nicki manji is absolutely the worse new act to appear, she should disappear never to return, she sucks beyond a vacuum cleaner, she can't sing, or rap or whatever the fuck she thinks she is trying to do, her wardrobe is pathetic and she should just go in to retirement never to be seem again, she is a disgrace to the music industry and whom ever discovered her should re-cover her, I mean with dirt, crawl into the hole with her & kill themselves for putting mic in her hands!!! She fucking sucks harder then Adele. And believe me that is really back, nicki, find a new career like a janitor cleaning toilets. Get out of music business you are a disgrace to this industry!!!!


The woman is crass and devoid of any musical talent. She looks like a streetwalker, and any nutcase off the street can do what she does on stage.


This woman to me has no singing talent she dressed like a circus clown. Her and lady gaga go out of their way to make themselves look like dam fools. At least lady gaga can sing.minaj just talks fast. What she did last night was awful.


That was the worst thing I've ever seen, and I thought GAGA was worthless but at least she can carry a tune. Same for Bobby Brown, who said this dude can dance. Hell Mars and his band did a better job of showing moves on stage.


Niki Minaj went a little too far last night. Her performance was distasteful and offensive to not only the Catholic community but the Christian community as well. Why did she have to mock religion? She could have stuck to another song and given a stunning performance, Superbass or Dungeon Dragon could have been performed spectaculay with little controversy. But at an event as big as the grammys, she should have known better. Music's biggest night doesn't deserve such a trashy act. Thank goodness the rest of the evening was filled with more classy performances, Adele, Taylor Swift and the Beach Boys reunion were particularly memorable! Heck even the appearence of Chris Brown was better than what Minaj put on.


Did anyone else find it funny she was seated next to Taylor Swift???


I'm disgusted. it was offensive to those of us who don't have to sell our souls for acceptance. wish I could slap her! but I'm going to pray for her.


Nicki Minaj Slayed This Performane #Best Performance At The Granny's .