Nicki Minaj Grammy Performance: Confessions and Controversy

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Did Nicki Minaj take her act too far at last night's Grammy Awards?

Never one to shy away from controversy, the 29-year old rapper kicked off a rendition of "Roman Holiday" by confessing to a fake priest. She then proceeded to put on a show that featured pyrotechnics, backup dancers dressed as monks and a great deal of religious imagery.

Adele, standing alone at a microphone and simply singing, it was not.

Minaj also walked the red carpet, prior to the ceremony, with a guy dressed like The Pope. Fun and different? Or offensive and different? Watch the singer get exorcised on stage now and then decide:

We can expect a statement from the Catholic League to be released at any moment...

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People that think the negative feedback is only based on the imagery alone need to have their ears checked. The audio alone was enough to turn the show off. She sounded like fran drescher having an epilepsy attack. Talentless skank needs to go away. When you throw in the imagery it REALLY bombs... pathetic trying too hard trashy trash. Minaj belongs at a mental institution, not at the Grammys.


Religious issues aside, with a performance that bad does it matter what it was about? I feel like less of a person just for watching it and that's sad considering I'm a fan.... Stick with what your good at Nikki..... I'll give you a clue, this is NOT it.


what i think about her performan ce is that it was interesting and people just hate because can't be like her Nicki Minaj is different from other artist and its good to be different!!!


Niki...nose job, breast implants,butt implants, wigs, kim k makeup, horrible performance and as far as i can remember no grammy last night? Adele..... simple, natural, classy, beautiful a organic voice and 6 grammys! She is such a breath of fresh air and what music is truly about. Niki needs to leave exorcism and theatrics to linda blair and hollywood. She is a great rapper not sure why she feels she needs all the crap for people to like her.


I don't take it personal when religion is mocked. I'm just offended on how downright awful her performance was and that she is even allowed in the same room with all these great peformers. She just flat out, SUCKS! She represents everything's wrong with many American women and that is; being a barbie doll. She is one of the most awful performers of our time...


You Guys have to stop being jesus freaks its a god damn song so chill you guys act like she spit on the image of god or something chill the fuck out jesus freaks! and idk why you guys are getting offended over what the priest that went on? THERE ALL RAPIST ANYWAYS! jebus!


I thought it was awful,I had to turn the channel it was so bad!


Religion is fun to mock! Seriously people! Organized Religion is nothing more than mind control. Religion starts wars, people kill for it, in America religion is used for organized prejudice & hate. I wish more people realised how oppressive it is. Nicki Minaj did & now the lemmings cry about it.


I LOVE that she did it! It was interesting! Plus religious people are too sensitive about their mythology. Don't they understand that if they stopped acting like whiny babies, acts like Nicki Minaj (Madonna used to do this in the 90s as well) wouldn't do religious SATIRE! (Of course most religious whiners don't understand satire. They are lemmings to patriarchal institutions-nothing more. Too bad there are soooo many Kool-Aid Christians out there.)


Someone should slay her, shouldn't even be allowed to be seen on national tv!!!!!