Nicki Minaj Grammy Performance: Confessions and Controversy

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Did Nicki Minaj take her act too far at last night's Grammy Awards?

Never one to shy away from controversy, the 29-year old rapper kicked off a rendition of "Roman Holiday" by confessing to a fake priest. She then proceeded to put on a show that featured pyrotechnics, backup dancers dressed as monks and a great deal of religious imagery.

Adele, standing alone at a microphone and simply singing, it was not.

Minaj also walked the red carpet, prior to the ceremony, with a guy dressed like The Pope. Fun and different? Or offensive and different? Watch the singer get exorcised on stage now and then decide:

We can expect a statement from the Catholic League to be released at any moment...

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That was just ridiculous ! I was embarrased for her I started doing laundry at that point. I love Adele she was perfection and a true class act Adele was simple and beautiful she did not have to put on a circus act to demonstrate her enormous talent!


Pathetic !!!


who the hell could even get past the religious tone when you cant even understand the lyrics or find the beat?


Nicki minaj hmm, it was an interesting performance, it may be more popular for the younger generation but struck a cord with the older generation. But I thought it was just interesting. And STOP COMPARING HER TO ADELE they are TWO totally different artists.


religious aspects aside, that was awful "music" awful performance and they kept advertising it like it was something spectacular. not. it was awful. now I know why I never watch these award shows. what a scam. stupid people allowed this to go on national tv.l


That performance was horrible. Religious crap aside, she sounded like a screeching monkey. I muted it and stopped watching until I could see it was over. It sucked!


Nicki Minaj's performance was a real downer in an otherwise positive evening that had struck a fine balance between the sudden loss of Whitney Houston and celebrating the Grammy nominees and winners. Nonradical Christians, whether Catholic or not, want no more respect and tolerance for their religion than nonradical Jews, Muslims, Hindi, and Buddhists. Most or all religions have skeletons in their closets that they are ashamed of due to abherrent/"demonic" infiltration, but they don't like those sick aspects rubbed in their faces and representing their beliefs. These traditions last because, in their purest forms, they speak to the human heart. Very poor taste, Nicki, and very poor judgment on the part of the Grammy producers.


All she proved last night at the Grammys is that she is an uneducated, ill-mannered, insensitive, ignorant twit. Your opinions of organized religion are your own, just as are your opinions of race and sex. This was a public insult to a religion that resides in the hearts of over 1 billion people in the world. Her performance insulted that many people, and because of their beliefs; beliefs that she so utterly smeared; they are not retaliating!


The occasional joke is harmless, but dressing dancers up as monks and having them gyrate in the most inappropriate manner, while parading some old man around in an alb and calling him a priest, and including young children in this catastrophe to dress as acolytes; then displaying this on national television and categorizing it as entertainment!...the whole thing was like taking a dump on a religion with 2000 years of history in society. She obviously did not do a performance like this to get a positive reaction. She wanted controversy, but that was a cheap way to create it.


Those who DON'T see the repulse in Nicki Manaj's performance are completely ignorant. It's not a matter of your own personal beliefs at all. Look at it this way: If this had been made to mock the Islam religion, we would probably be bombed by al Qaeda by now for showing it on national TV. Her performance made me cringe. Saying she went to far is an understatement. It was blasphemous. You're telling me that we're in a society centered around political correctness and none of you PC people found this incorrect. Whether you're religious or not (especially if you're not), it's not you're place to mock it in such an outrageously distasteful manner.