Nancy Grace Wonders: Was Whitney Houston Murdered?!?

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Let's all stop and give thanks for Nancy Grace, shall we?

Seriously, without this attention-starved egomaniac, we might not know just how low humanity can sink.

Earlier today, during an appearance on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, the blowhard evoked the instances of Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson when talking about Whitney Houston, wondering whether someone else played a role in the singer's death.

"I’d like to know who was around her, who - if anyone - gave her drugs... following alcohol and drugs, and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water?" Grace asked, referring to reports that Whitney's body was found in a hotel room bathtub. "Apparently, no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?"

Forget the fact that initial reports indicate Houston did NOT die by drowning; and forget the fact that it seems perfectly reasonable someone could overdose on pills and pass out in a bathtub... Grace is on a role, folks!

Grace claims that three prescription drug containers for the same drug - benzodiazepine - were found on the scene, each from three different doctors.

No other source corroborates this assertion and CNN itself has released a statement saying "we don't know that to be true," but, come on, people! Grace simply MUST weed out a potential Conrad Murray for ratings justice's sake.

“They were medicating her out the yin-yang,” she said.


It never fails. There's always some unspeakable dirtbag willing to exploit a terrible tragedy for their own selfish reasons. I wish I could say I was surprised, but with this lowlife woman, nothing surprises me. Angers me beyond words, yes, but surprised? Unfortunately not..


It's a conspiracy theory. Your next Nancy, run!


Oh- the Bitch is priceless!


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