Nancy Grace Wonders: Was Whitney Houston Murdered?!?

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Let's all stop and give thanks for Nancy Grace, shall we?

Seriously, without this attention-starved egomaniac, we might not know just how low humanity can sink.

Earlier today, during an appearance on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, the blowhard evoked the instances of Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson when talking about Whitney Houston, wondering whether someone else played a role in the singer's death.

"I’d like to know who was around her, who - if anyone - gave her drugs... following alcohol and drugs, and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water?" Grace asked, referring to reports that Whitney's body was found in a hotel room bathtub. "Apparently, no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?"

Forget the fact that initial reports indicate Houston did NOT die by drowning; and forget the fact that it seems perfectly reasonable someone could overdose on pills and pass out in a bathtub... Grace is on a role, folks!

Grace claims that three prescription drug containers for the same drug - benzodiazepine - were found on the scene, each from three different doctors.

No other source corroborates this assertion and CNN itself has released a statement saying "we don't know that to be true," but, come on, people! Grace simply MUST weed out a potential Conrad Murray for ratings justice's sake.

“They were medicating her out the yin-yang,” she said.

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This goes out to the Whitney Houston Family. I will always remember Whitney Houston as very beautiful talented female artist and your music will still go on. The Greatest Love of All a very special song that I sang for you 2-14-2012 in rememberance of your life you shared with the ones you love. About 25yrs ago I sang a lip-synic of Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody and is video tape it's back when I was alittle thin. I love you Whitney Houston Always. From Pamela Nowak Trego WI.


Omg ppl shut your mouths Cuz none of know how she died and we wont know for a good while. So let her RIP and just chill till they know the truth of how she really died may u RIP Whitney Houston u r loved and will be rembered!!


NANCY...FKIN REALLY!?!? Ugh.......


Well honestly none of us know the truth so who are we to judge someone else for their opinion. Anything is possible but my thoughts and prayers go out to whitney's family. She was truly a gifted person.


You people have got to be freaking kidding me!!! You are all so wrapped into who it is and don't think about it logically! How many court trials and lawsuits have gone on about Michael and Anna!? And why because it is proven that prescribed drugs were the problem right!? Its not just about the publicity but its about the stereotype and the facts about past icons with the same reality of drug addiction. If all of you sit a think for one minute u would be just as fast to say "who was the asshole that prescribed her any type of narcotic being a recovering drug addict" quit blaming people and think about it. She just has the opportunity to talk about it publicly!


Nancy Grace is a pathetic, psycho Biotch, She needs to be medicated, put into a small patted room and beaten with a stick daily, She needs to have her kids removed from being around her, for she is a psycho. Jeez why is this ding dong still on Tv?? Every time I see her, I just picture myself kicking her in her teeth, and jamming them down her stupid throat, till my foot can't fit anymore. JEEZZZZZZ


Ya gotta luv her!


This bitch ! All she wants is it get money from this horrible loss. She needs to go away. I hate how i lm not surprised. Shes a dirtbag. She needs to GTF off ! Like really !


Just to share this information I heard on channel 2 news in New York. Whitney Houston's body was found half in the tub and half out of the tub.....her body was not submerged in the tub.


When Nancy Grace was on DWTS, she campaign on her nightly HLN show urging her followers to pick up the phone and vote, in fact vote multiple times so she could stay on the show.
Her mantra was “I am giving ALL the money I earn from the show to The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.�
Well, she earned over $250,000+ and they have yet to see a penny of it.

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