Nancy Grace Wonders: Was Whitney Houston Murdered?!?

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Let's all stop and give thanks for Nancy Grace, shall we?

Seriously, without this attention-starved egomaniac, we might not know just how low humanity can sink.

Earlier today, during an appearance on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, the blowhard evoked the instances of Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson when talking about Whitney Houston, wondering whether someone else played a role in the singer's death.

"I’d like to know who was around her, who - if anyone - gave her drugs... following alcohol and drugs, and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water?" Grace asked, referring to reports that Whitney's body was found in a hotel room bathtub. "Apparently, no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?"

Forget the fact that initial reports indicate Houston did NOT die by drowning; and forget the fact that it seems perfectly reasonable someone could overdose on pills and pass out in a bathtub... Grace is on a role, folks!

Grace claims that three prescription drug containers for the same drug - benzodiazepine - were found on the scene, each from three different doctors.

No other source corroborates this assertion and CNN itself has released a statement saying "we don't know that to be true," but, come on, people! Grace simply MUST weed out a potential Conrad Murray for ratings justice's sake.

“They were medicating her out the yin-yang,” she said.


Nancy Grace used to have my respect and I used to watch her all the time, but I think she has really changed. She is rude to her guests on her show, she cuts them off when they disagree with her, she is downright ugly to the defense lawyers on her show, I can't imagine them even wanting to be on her show. Another HLN host named Jane Valez Mitchell is another pain in the butt. She is constantly patting herself on the back by flooding us with her 17 year sobriety. Good for you Jane but enough is enough


This big mouthed ugly, disgusting fat, Nancy Grace should die....I could never stomach this woman, and never will...why on earth is this fat pig on tv anyhow.....she acts like such a friggin moron....even when she was on D.W.T.S. she looked and acted so foolish, with those big fat thighs exposed every week....she literally gets me ill....yukkkkkkkkkkk


@ LEO- you can bet after all is said and done those- undercover beliefs about- the noise- the loud thump- The voices will live on just as long as MM suspicious death has. Usually started from those who just cannot come to terms with the Death.


Nobody dies of a xanax and a glass of wine


Since the 1960's the death of Marilyn Monroe has been a mystery. In 1977 the world was saddened by the sudden death of Elvis. In the 1980's the deaths of Natalie Wood, Princess Grace and Christina Onassis warranted a lot of speculations,filled with mystery. In the late 1990's when Princess Diana died in that car crash, there were conspiracy theories. In 2007 when Anna Nicole Smith died, Not only did she leave a young daughter but her behavior was off the charts before her death,and the paternity of her daughter was in question. Now with the death of Ms. Houston, there is a lot of speculations. Nancy Grace dominates the airwaves on her Nightly show, but there are times when she is completely off the chain in pursuing a story. I think that she should leave the findings of Whitney's death to the authorities who have been entrusted to do their jobs, and find herself a hobby that does Not have anything to do with the last days of Ms. Houston's life. PEACE!!


Not condoning what was said, but gotta respect Nancy Grace`s crazy butt for speaking her mind. Would rather her be for me then against me. HOWEVER I do believe Whitney died on accident from her own choices. That and God needed her angelic voice for his womens choir in heaven. She is up there with Amy Winehouse (nother train wreck but amazing voice) and the Legandary Etta James! May they all produce beautiful music for God!! Thank you for influencing so many current and future singers (all 3)


The one thing about Nancy Grace that is so sad is that she carries with her a lot of emotional baggage which I think dates back to when her fiance was murdered years ago. One senses Nancy has this vendetta that really taints her legal perspectives.


Nancy Grace is just a big mouth that makes up "facts". All she knows how to do is be is rude and scream over people she has on her show .....if anyone disagrees with her she cuts them off.....she is disgusting ugh ! She should work for fox news

Team me

Okay, we can't all pretend like Nancy is just talking shit to talk shit; it's not crazy to wonder if maybe an extremely remarkable celebrity was murdered.
However, I did watch someone who had took waaay too many pills fall asleep while running a power saw. Yes. It's a true story. Running a loud ass power saw, and falling asleep. Literally about to touch his face to the blade because he was passing out. I don't think she was murdered; I think this was all just a terribly tragic accident.


What the HELL happened to Nacy's hair????

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