MSG Taking Heat Over Jeremy Lin Fortune Cookie Pic

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File this under Sounded Funny at the Time.

MSG Network is facing backlash after the New York Knicks TV crew flashed a graphic of the team's Asian-American star Jeremy Lin ... coming out of a fortune cookie.

Following the Knicks' seventh straight win Wednesday night, MSG showed viewers an image featuring point guard Lin's head in between ends of the broken snack.

"The Knicks' Good Fortune" was the fortune.

Jeremy Lin Fortune Cookie

CNBC's Darren Rovell was the first to post the image on Twitter, pointing out that MSG was "walking a fine line" with the offensive image of Jeremy Lin.

Lin, who has come out of nowhere and taken over the league in recent weeks, is the NBA's first American-born player of Taiwanese or Chinese descent.

Reaction was less measured in the hours that followed. Some on Twitter called the graphic "a tad on the racist side." Others called it "accidental racism."

Interestingly, the fortune cookie is actually an American invention by most accounts; it dates back to San Francisco in the late 1890's to early 1900's.

It's loosely based on a Japanese cracker, no less. Come on MSG.

Are race-based jokes like this considered okay because he's a Harvard educated Asian-American? It's hard to say, but MSG isn't alone in pushing the angle. Check this out:

Jeremy Lin: Amasian!!

Nothing at all racist about the"thrillin" cover.


When You're Hot, You're Hott!!
Jeremy has been "a sign of good fortune" for The Knicks. I believe that even die hard Knicks Fan Spike Lee is enjoying his view from courtside!!


Welcome to The Year of the Dragon!!
By all indications it has been a LINsational Year for Jeremy.
Lin was born in a "Dragon Year" and it does Not surprise me that his *star has taken off into the stratosphere!!
MGS in this case stands for Madison Square Garden where The Knicks and Numerous other teams play. I wouldn't mind at all if my face came out of a fortune cookie. After all people have won the lottery by playing the right Numbers at the right time that came out of one of those sugary sweets!!


Ok, I can see the racist innuendo in the fortune cookie pic but not the other 2 really.

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