Monica Lewinsky Back in Spotlight in New Clinton Documentary

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Monica Lewinsky has tried to keep a low profile after her role in President Bill Clinton's impeachment scandal, but she's become a trending topic of discussion again.

All thanks to PBS' two-part, four-hour documentary, titled Clinton.

The documentary, which premieres Monday as part of PBS' "American Experience" series, sheds new light on Clinton's Oval Office affair with his then-23-year-old intern through interviews with some of Clinton's closest advisers.

Some of whom had never spoken publicly about the affair until now.

Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton

Among the former White House staffers appearing on film are Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and Clinton's former reelection campaign manager, Dick Morris.

In the film, Morris reveals, "When the Lewinsky scandal broke the President paged me and I returned the call. And he said to me, 'Ever since I got here to the White House I've had to shut my body down, sexually I mean."

"But I screwed up with this girl. I didn't do what they said I did, but I may have done so much that I can't prove my innocence.'"

Though she plays a huge role in the story of Bill Clinton's presidency, Monica Lewinsky herself was not interviewed for the movie. Producer Barak Goodman said that, “We felt it would tilt [the documentary] toward sensationalism.”

After the scandal, Lewinsky went through a period of alternately embracing and avoiding her celebrity, but in recent years has been off the media grid.

In 2005, she left the U.S. and moved to London, attending the London School of Economics and graduating with a masters in social psychology in 2006.

While she has given interviews on the subject, most notably in an HBO special titled "Monica in Black and White," she has kept an extremely low profile.

Clinton is the latest in a series of in-depth documentaries PBS has produced over the years focusing on the often tumultuous careers of U.S. presidents.

The TV premiere takes place Monday, but PBS has made the first part of the documentary available on its website. A trailer for the film appears below:


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This does not appear to be interesting at all. It is everything that I already know about Bill Clinton, repackaged.


The media rehashing old news because they constantly love to smear people on the right and left.Last month it was Gingrich this month Bill Clinton,get a life and move on game over!!


How would he feel if some old man like him had done the same thing to his daughter when she was
just 21? Or would he care?


Bla, bla, bla... It's old news, get over it! I love Pres.Clinton.
Who wouldn't. he's tall ,sexy & handsome.

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