Mitt Romney Pretends to Love Michigan

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Cyborg Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is campaigning in Michigan ahead of Tuesday's primary, and boy, does he just love everything about that state!

Mitt's pandering speech last week was remarkable in how forced it sounded, even by his standards, as the Michigan native tried to convince residents he is one of them.

It was a performance reminiscent of Steve Carell in Anchorman, when Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy asks, "Are you just naming things you see and saying you love them?"

Watch a mashup of that scene and Romney's press conference below:

The trees are the right height. Take note, Michigan Department of Tourism. There's your new tagline if ever we've heard one. "Pure Michigan" was so 2011.

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and sneakerbean i really dnt kno where u get ur info from probably fox news but sure havent heard about loads of dems leaving their party. In fact in fl obama already has the biggest grass roots campaign ever! And its only feb... This was a front page news story in the tampa tribune. As far as money hun u jus wait. Its still very early even at that he still has mad money Nt sure if that tibit of info even means nething since the actual general election hasnt even started yet. But good spin :) as for thowing money at michigan actually it did help. Ask all the ppl who now have jobs in detroit thanks to the bailing out of the car companies done by obama. All in all if santorum and romney are the best repubs have to put against obama its kinda sad. Hell not even repubs like em how exactly are they gona take dem and ind. Votes?


first off michigan shudnt give a shit about romney since he wrote a very scathing article titled let detroit go bankrupt detailing why obama bailing out the car companies wud be such a huge mistake. In fact his words were it wud be a huge bussiness mistake! Fastforward to those same companies not only out of debt but paying the govenment bk and adding hundreds of jobs. Now all romney can say is... I didnt make that headline! Pathetic! So lets look at romney as a buissness man. Thats one huge ass mistake he has already made. Look at bane corps... He also borrowed moeny for that company using collateral he knew wasnt there jus to get paid and go out before shit hit the fan. He also took yes took money from the govnmt for his olympic games. Fiscal conservative my ass! Everyone wnts the spending cut unless it deals wit them isnt that right repubs??? Lol that article alone shud make him lose michigan


@Bella....wishful, delusional thinking seems to be your strong suite, dear. This race will be tight. Please don't count your chickens, hun, till they hatch. Just last night they said 'Bama Man's "base" isn't giving the money support they did four yrs. ago. The govt. accounting office, CBO has come out and said there will be another slowdown in the economy and unemployment will rise again. Hordes of Dems have defected from the party. Many went Independent and some GOP. He keeps coming out promising taxpayer money WE in this country really can't afford to fork over just to garner votes from his voter base. As the old saying goes.."It ain't over till it's over!" (Yogi Berra)


Why are u guys kidding yourselves? Obama will win elections 2012 all the way to . So you guys should stop.being delusional and think he is scared of Romney. Dems wants Romney to win because he can be easily defeated by a wide margin. Combine Romney and the other idiots Rick and coo Obama will still win. Republican candidates are all dumb. Obama all the way 2012


Well at least he has keen observation skills. That's exactly what we need in a president, Ha.....well of course he has to be able to break into song at a moments notice. Romney 2012.


If your looking for a smooth talker full of promises he can't fulfill and wishfull thinking and only an illusion of how to get things done then Romney is not the guy. He made his millions legally and by law- paid his taxes. He is not in anyone's pocket and he doesn't want America and its Constitution torn apart. Is he a savior? I doubt it but he has the business sense and the moral value to be able to bond with people. He has no dirt and this in it self is what Democrats are fearfull of. Romney- 2012


Whether one likes The Donald or not....I think there's other variable playing into the change in the polls for him. Rick S. isn't going to last long--he's now getting seriously vetted in detail...his social issues stances might thrill Tea party folks, but he can't win a national election with them. The Dems are hoping beyond hope Santorum gets the nomination...why? He'll be much easier for Obama to beat! Remember 2008.....Hillary C. was winning the primaries right and left..and then FINALLY Obama squeaked it out at end. Thus...don't count Romney out!


Romney seem to have been doing better before he got the endorsement from weird hairdo wearing DonNo Trump. After DonNo endorsed him, it has been downhill ever since for Mitt. My vote is 1 less that he can count on!!


Is it anymore than the other candidates are going to do?? This must have been written by a liberal reporter. Romney is such a threat to them. Obama? Well, he'll just go to Michigan...promise then the moon especially gazillions of dollars WE don't have! And his attempt to bribe the good folks of Michigan into giving him a second term!