Miranda Lambert SLAMS Chris Brown in Concert

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Miranda Lambert was an outspoken critic of last Sunday's Chris Brown Grammy lovefest, ripping CBS and the music extravaganza for Brown's prominent role.

She's still not over it, calling out the R&B star in concert this week.

Country star Lambert wondered aloud on Twitter why the convicted felon was featured on not one but two performances during the Grammy Awards.

"Chris Brown twice? I don’t get it. He beat on a girl," Miranda tweeted, adding "He needs to listen to Gunpowder and lead and be put back in his place."

Miranda Lambert, Chris Brown Sign

"Gunpowder and Lead" is her song about a woman preparing to kill her abusive husband. She performed it in concert Thursday - with a message for Brown.

Before singing, Lambert pulled a poster out of the audience reading "Take Notes Chris Brown." "Get a good picture now, put it on Twitter," she said.

"I’ve been in a world of hurt with Chris Brown fans ... but see, I have to speak my mind because where I come from beating up on a woman is never okay.”

As she sang, Lambert added "So that's why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun." The Amherst, Mass., crowd went wild:

Brown has come under heavy criticism for his response to the "haters" as much as for the infamous 2009 incident in what has become a never-ending story.

Should people just get over it and move on? Or is Miranda right in standing up against abusive men, and the Grammys? Choose a side in this feud:


Chely- we are talking about YOU!


What are you ppl talking about??? The article is about Miranda Labert and some idiot loser that cowardly beats on women. Don't know what all of your misspelled grammatically incorrect ramblings are about...


Brown- is an ugly monster!


@Courtneyj6...nope..you had it right about moi and Reed. He's love to play coy! Ha! @Just Me...questions? There really shouldn't be...don't you remember last week's postings? All about "history", etc.? And not just history either....there's nothing like the present--they always say!
Courtneyj6....so I don't get it...what's this Ant-whatever..cryptic stuff about???? Can you offer some clarity?


Yes! I do know splash's name! I'm still lost with this Antwquan thing! Splash is great at solving puzzles! Maybe she will help me! @ Court- me and Jones- 1 N the same? No! Not a chance. I never thought you were stupid enough get thrown under a bus- then again some ( Neci) will test the water! Slash keeps me straight! I pick at her! Still- she is loyal and smart and will be a great one come election time! I damn sure wouldn't debate her! I have tried and never have won.


@Courtneyj6..... I'm glad you got the reference. Yes the whole Reed and Splashmountain thing has me wondering if friends? Neci may be in church. The racist thing goes both ways. So think it's my time to stay out of commenting further. Till we meet again.....


Hmmmm..... You know Splashy's real name. Now you are the one that has left more questions than answers in my mind.


@just me, i like your comment on the antwquan thing, haha i'm suprised no one caught that and had a fit over it :) but then again this whole racist arguement has turned into so many different things and some comments have gone to far, I have got very lost in this conversation..I was thinking splash & reed were maybe friends? Guess I was wrong! I also thought Neci knew that I was saying I was against her comment and other comments from other articles, and saying things that I for one would be cussing someone out over but instead I get comments that seem to nice for the things i've said..yes reed, this white girl is not falling for it lol.


Once again my phone wont let me read past reeds comment about neci gettin sensitive, lol, but I just found it funny that I said all those bad things and Neci came back with nothing but nice words haha.i feel as though soooomeone is trying to get me to take sides.but reed, no one is throwing me under any bus haha.i stand for myself and only myself, I defended your comment because it was the truth.as far as T jones, I don't know if it is actually one of yall under the name T jones, but either way I am NO fan of what he has to say.i just feel alot like i'm trying to be talked into being on sides haha, taking this arguement a little to serious for me.and it is very much so confusing me..


Ok! My apologies-Splash!

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