Mimi Alford Alleges: JFK Took My Virginity!

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Mimi Alford is not letting John F. Kennedy rest in peace.

This former White House intern appeared with NBC's Meredith Vieira yesterday and hyped her upcoming memoir, which will be released tomorrow and which alleges she carried on an 18-month affair with JFK while he was in office.

The book is titled "Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy."

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Why would she possibly reveal this information now?

"It's not so much that I feel that I'm exposing myself, it's that I'm really unburdening myself - it was a very difficult thing for me to do," Alford says in an interview that will air in its entirety tomorrow night on Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Alford says she was 19 when she started her White House internship and that she lost her virginity to the President.

"I should have felt guilty," Alford says. "He was married to Mrs. Kennedy. But I didn't."

She did, however, feel crushed later on when she learned about Kennedy's alleged other affairs, including his most famous dalliance, with Marilyn Monroe.

"I think that's probably partly what makes me feel sad when I look back," she says of JFK's penchant for other women. "[The affair] made me feel very special."

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Yeah, like because he was the president it entitled him to have her...what a pot of crack! Silly girl then, silly woman now. What she needed was to say NO! Maybe she will have some integrity to her credit now. I guess she felt very small and insignificant in front of the "most powerful man in the world", if you can believe that! The delusion of some women! Poor Jackie for having to put up with so many easy women around her man! This woman should have kept her mouth shut, but I guess money talks, right? She thought, why not get a bit of money with this tale? Who cares about my morals? Money is what drive this nation, so...let's get some! Shame.


Wow I am amazed that so many people hate this woman, you know what GOOD for her.I don't know if her story is true or not but it was her choice to write this book and is our choice to believe and/or buy this book.I will not buy this book but if she did screw him HELL YES..you go girl. not agreeing with the fact that he was cheating , don't take me wrong on that but to call her a whore ...who are you to judge like you didn't have more than 1 partner..give me a break and grow the hell up.The only way she will make money on this if it sells.get over yourselves because you are not perfect either plus like others said JFK was known to be a flirt and screw lots of women,look at yourself and then attempt to judge others president or mistress.I totally agree with Laneige. If you can't spell please GTFO and learn to write first then maybe just maybe you can even add yourself to the list of comments.tata for now.


I agree with Karen, there is no one here to defend JFK. It is not brave to make these accusations so one can sell a book. I wouldn't want the book for free either.


Priyanka,please, learn grammatic before express your primitive opinion.
About the book by Mimi Alford (right spelling?) - everyone has choice, to read or do not read, to buy or not to buy. But the fact she revealed her first man name(maybe love) is quite normal (and also her choice). She is a human and equal with such noicy names: JFK; "MM"(that cork in each barrel) etc.


Everyone should avoid this book. Who really cares about a no name trying to make herself 'famous' as a money grabbing slut like the K sisters. America stop allowing no talent fake celebrities to make $$$$ from sex and lies. No one can prove her wrong after all these years. And who cares who he had sex with. Everyone has sex, it's a natural instinct and JFK was human. Let him rest in peace.


She is nothing but a loser. I cant stand when people write things abouit famous people that can't defend themselves. She can say whatever she wants and no one can say it didnt happen. I wouldn't read her book for free.


I think it's pretty awesome that she banged JFK! Why is everyone throwing so much shade? So she's telling her story, big deal! That's what people with an interesting story do. And she waited a long time; it's not as if she told the press right after it happened. I, for one, may buy the book. If you don't want to, don't.


Mimi Alford is a whore, trying to get paid for sex she had 50 years ago.


Good for her for writing her book. JFK was a womanizer, not some kind of saint.


I think its cool she possibly smashed A President! But on the other end why wait all this time to tell the JFK popped ya cherry. Like really old lady. Its kinda gross a little. But still COOL N MY BOOK. I say smash, suck, & fuck all you want