Mimi Alford Alleges: JFK Took My Virginity!

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Mimi Alford is not letting John F. Kennedy rest in peace.

This former White House intern appeared with NBC's Meredith Vieira yesterday and hyped her upcoming memoir, which will be released tomorrow and which alleges she carried on an 18-month affair with JFK while he was in office.

The book is titled "Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy."

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Why would she possibly reveal this information now?

"It's not so much that I feel that I'm exposing myself, it's that I'm really unburdening myself - it was a very difficult thing for me to do," Alford says in an interview that will air in its entirety tomorrow night on Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Alford says she was 19 when she started her White House internship and that she lost her virginity to the President.

"I should have felt guilty," Alford says. "He was married to Mrs. Kennedy. But I didn't."

She did, however, feel crushed later on when she learned about Kennedy's alleged other affairs, including his most famous dalliance, with Marilyn Monroe.

"I think that's probably partly what makes me feel sad when I look back," she says of JFK's penchant for other women. "[The affair] made me feel very special."


Why did Miss Alford just put her secret in public fifty years later while The Kenendy's main family members had already passed away?


She said it was an amazing experience and that he asked her if she wanted to do it. And no, at 19 she wasn't a child anymore. in other words, she volunteerly spread her legs.


maybe she slept with kennedy just for Fame. just like Jesus dated Madonna, Crystal dated Hefner. its not that bad to find ur success through such rich people. but once u are married, just always remember u owe ur family alot and zip up. or if the story is leaked e.g Tiger wood, then be ready to take the responsibility. a full grown president used his advantage over a Minor. i cant imagine someone like Angela merkel the prime minister of Germany to start taking advantage of little boys. i know wit her possition she could get any kind of man she wants but it seems women respects themselves more and forcuse on thier jobs while men like kennedy, bill clinton, nichola sakorzy, silvio bellusconi etc just came to power so they could chaet on thier wives. what a shame! whores


Hey Mimi, what happened, did you run out of hush money? Used to be a time a woman was embarrassed for being USED for sex! Now you are bragging. The difference between prostitution and mistress is mistress stays! Give Me (US) A BREAK you poor thing!!


Do not condone her behavior, but she gave a good interview.. She was young and not very smart, for going along with it. Was she and the president not afraid of pregancy?? Just hope she can live with this after all this time...


she was not a whore for sleeping with kennedy bcos she was not married. kennedy was the whore that could not zip up his trouser and respect his wife and kids. men likes to blame women all the time. what would u have said if a woman had been cheating on her husband and kids? it does not matter if u are male or female, what matters in a family is respect and moral. be u a woman or a man, once u dont have respect for ur wife, husband and kids then u are a whore. finish....


She knows she's in a long line right?


Yawn. Your fifteen minutes is up Mimi. Nobody cares.

Ms billie

Some of you people need to get a damn life. This crazy bitch is doing this strictly for the attention and money. She never said a damn thing about rape or him forcing her to screw him. In fact if you read what she did say she was and is proud of what she done. Yes he should have respected his wife and kids more although at the same time so should she have. She knew he was married and never had a second thought about not dealing with him. This statement speaks a million words, "I should have felt guilty,". "He was married to Mrs. Kennedy. But I didn't." This shows she knew exactly what she was doing and has no regrets. She was a slut and wants the attention and all the money she can make off this bullshit.


So basically she is admitting to being a whore by sleeping with a married man. smh

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